self confidence tips

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Self confidence tips

Everyone wants to be confident and even those who are already confident want to be more confident.

With all of the inferior tips out there such as repeat affirmations, be a positive thinker or learn to love yourself it became hard to find self confidence tips that really work and that's why i decided to write this article.

In this article i will give you self confidence tips that are backed by research, that are based on psychology and that really work.

How to really build self confidence

  • Missing Skills = Anxiety: Anxiety is the feeling you get when you find yourself in a situation where you believe that you don't have enough skills to go through it successfully. Self confidence is all about building the skills that you lack so that you don't find yourself anxious in the future
  • Don't judge a book by its cover?: One of the most common self help tips people give to each other is not to judge a book by its cover while in fact self image problems are one of the major causes of lack of self confidence. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how building confidence in your looks became an essential step in building self confidence as a result of the continues reinforcement of such beliefs by the media. If you are not satisfied with your looks then unless you do something about it you might not feel confident. I am not asking you to do plastic surgery but you have to fix your mental self image, know how to pick the right clothes that suits you and you have to exercise to be in form
  • Killer self confidence tip: Confident people are not the ones who never get rejected but they are the ones who put no weight to rejections and who forget about them quickly. People who lack self confidence focus on rejections and fear to take risks that might lead to future rejections. In short, being rejected doesn't mean that you are bad and confident people know this very well
  • Most people aren't confident: People who lack self confidence usually believe that others are superior, omnipotent and flawless while in fact most people are concerned about their own flaws more than they are concerned about the flaws of others. One powerful self confidence building tip is to remind yourself each time you encounter people that they are humans with flaws and not superior beings
  • Acceptance doesn't work: I am sure you have heard this popular self confidence tip many times, Accept yourself! Acceptance only works when the thing you dislike about yourself can't be changed but if that thing can be changed then your subconscious mind will never help you accept it. In short, you can accept your nose shape but you might never accept your large belly because you know that it can be changed

Bonus self confidence tip

Do you know that the degree of your self confidence depends on your ability to deal with the life problems you face?

Your subconscious mind will be happy and satisfied when it finds you able to deal with the important life challenges you are facing and as a result it will make you feel confident.

On the other hand, when you fail to deal with these problems your subconscious mind will distrust you and you will lose self confidence.

Find out that important matters that matter to you that most then work on dealing with them. If you did so you will become really confident.

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