Why do i feel suicidal all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do i feel suicidal all the time

Do you feel suicidal all the time?
Do you feel like killing yourself every now and then?

First of all, i don't want you to worry because suicidal thoughts visit a large number of people every now and then whenever they feel that their life is going in the wrong direction.

Because you are eager to know why do you feel suicidal all the time i can certainly tell you that a part of you doesn't want to give up.

Why do people sometimes feel suicidal?

In my previous article why do people kill themselves i explained that people feel like committing suicide whenever they find the roads blocked to fulfilling their important psychological needs.

In short, if you feel suicidal all the time then there is an important need that you wanted to fulfill in your life but didn't manage to do it yet.

By committing suicide you are giving up and refusing to fight back until you get what you want. Even if your life is currently horrible and messed up you can still get what you want in life by developing your skills and fighting back.

There are many people who used to feel suicidal all the time but refused to give in and choose to fight back, and in the end they managed to get what they wanted in life.

Here is what to do if you feel suicidal all the time

If you feel suicidal all the time then You must see a psychiatrist and inform your family about your suicidal thoughts. Not because you have a psychological disorder but because the psychiatrist will help you find out exactly the unmet needs that are resulting in these suicidal thoughts.

Lots of people feel like killing themselves without being aware of these unmet needs and as soon as they realize them and start working on a plan to fulfill them the suicidal thoughts slowly disappear.

Ask yourself that question, if i was able to change anything in my life to the better what is the thing that could prevent me from thinking about suicide if it was changed?

Once you find that thing you can work on developing a plan to change it. You might need to seek help from friends, relatives and experts in order to reach your goals but in the end you will make it if you choose not to give up.

Thinking about committing suicide once or twice every few months is quite acceptable but thinking about suicide all the time is a dangerous sign. So start taking actions right away and don't give up.

Depression and feeling suicidal all the time

Depression is one of the causes of suicidal thoughts. If you are feeling suicidal all the time then there is a very high possibility that you are feeling depressed.

Depression results in suicidal thoughts because it makes you believe that there is no hope in getting what you want. After all depression is nothing but a state of loss of hope that a person reaches when he believes that there is no way to get what he wanted.

If you feel suicidal all the time then know that depression might be the reason behind it and as soon as you deal with your depression your suicidal thoughts will disappear.
Again, take actions now and don't give up.

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