Why being attached to anything is bad

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Understanding your emotions

Are you too attached to your job?
Are you too attached to someone?
Are there so many things in your life that you can't imagine living without?
Then you are weak!

So many people look at bad emotions from a wrong angle. They think that bad emotions are there to make them feel bad while in reality emotions are there to help them reach their goals.

Lets suppose that you are too attached to your job. In such a case a fight with your manager will make you feel afraid. The purpose of fear in such a case is to help you keep your job.

If you weren't sure of your performance on a certain quarter then you will certainly feel worried before the appraisal. Again worrying here has the sole purpose of helping you reach your goal with is keeping your job.

Now the problem that happens is that in many cases emotions fire in the wrong time leaving you feeling bad and with no options. For example worrying few month before the appraisal can motivate you to work harder to get a good score but what would worrying do two or three days before the result?

It will only make you feel bad and do no good.

Why being attached to anything is bad

Your degree of attachment to the things you can't live without determine the severity of your emotions. The more a thing is important to you the more severe the emotions you will experience when you face problems.

Lets suppose you had a family business and that you were just working for someone to get some experience. In such a case any problems that would happen to you in work will be very less likely to affect you and the reason is that you are not too attached to that job.

Now in real life most of us don't have alternatives to the things we have and this is why we experience horrible emotions when life goes wrong.

Have you ever thought about the backup plan you will follow if you lost your job?
Have you ever thought about the backup plan you will follow if things went wrong?

I am not trying to let you be pessimistic in any way but i am just trying to help you become less attached to what you have in order to be strong.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how having little hope is the main factor that prevents people from recovering. Once a person embraces the fact that the relationship is over for good he starts recovering.

Embrace ground Zero

Ground Zero is the point at your life where everything has gone wrong. Believe it or not in order to be emotionally strong you need to be fully prepared for ground zero even if you are never going to face it.

If you are mentally prepared to be jobless then certainly having a fight with your manager won't affect you at all. While if you don't know how you are going to live without a job then any small work problem will make your life hell.

Note that embracing ground zero doesn't mean that you shouldn't fight to keep what you have but it only means that you should change your thoughts so that you don't get too emotional while fighting.

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