why can't i get out of bed

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why can't i find any energy to start the day

Sally was unable to get out of her bad even though it was 1 pm. Sally wasn't sleeping, in fact she had more than enough sleep. She just didn't have enough energy to get out of the bed.

Her Mom tried comforting her, her friends tried helping her out but for some reason she didn't manage to walk out of the bed. Sally didn't also find any energy to talk and she was barely replying to her friend's questions.

By 5 pm sally dragged herself out of bed only to come back to it at 7 after watching TV for sometime.

The next morning a friend came to visit sally at 1 pm and she was still in bed at that time. That friend approached her, whispered in her ears with some words and suddenly sally jumped out of the bed.

Since that day sally had no problems in getting out of bed. But What happened ??

Goals, Motivation & Energy

Do you know why do you sometimes feel energetic?
Its because you believe that the road to doing whatever you want is not blocked.
Lets suppose you agreed with your friends to travel to a different country that you have never been to before, how would your energy levels be like while preparing the bags?

You will be full of energy because you know that you can prepare the bags and that nothing can stop you from doing so. Now what if you really wanted to travel but didn't any have enough money?

What if all of your friends were going and you knew you will never collect the needed money? Will you find any energy to prepare the bags?

Of course you won't because your mind only allocates energy when it believes that whatever you are trying to achieve is 100% doable.

why can't i get out of bed

The same exactly happened with sally. Sally had so many important goals that she wanted to achieve but she also believed she will never be able to achieve them. But there are two important differences between Sally's case and the example above:

  • Sally wasn't aware of those goals: Yes, most of the goals we have in life are unconscious. Here are some examples of unconscious goals: the goal of being loved, the goal of feeling worthy and the goal of satisfying your ego. Now because so many people don't have proper self understanding they are not aware of the goals that matter the most to their subconscious minds
  • Sally's goal's were so important When an unconscious goal is so important the effect of losing hope in reaching it can cause instant depression. Sally wasn't getting out of bed because she had no reason to do so. After losing hope in reaching her important goals she had no reason to fight for and so her subconscious mind took away all of the energy it previously gave to her

What did sally's friend say!

But why did sally jump out of bed as soon as this friend talked to her?
Why did her friend say?

Sally's friend had a solid understanding of people because she used to read a lot about psychology. She understood the exact unconscious goals sally was after and she concluded why sally believed she won't reach them.

All what she did was saying some convincing arguments that showed Sally that there is still hope. Once a person believes that there is hope in getting what matters to him the most depression disappears and he becomes full of energy.

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