Why do i think people don't like me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do i think people don't like me

why do i think people don't like me?

sometimes people ask the right question the wrong way but in this case that question is asked in a perfect way. The reason i am saying that this question was asked the right way is that it contains the word think.

Had you asked "why don't people like me" i would have told you that you are asking the wrong question.

Each one of us has a certain reality in his mind that is much different than the real reality. One person might become terrified in darkness because he excepts to see ghosts while another person might not even think about the possibility of encountering them. (see Personal frame of reference)

Two different people can go through the same exact situation then come up with completely different conclusions. For example, after facing some rejections a person might say "I don't think people like me" while another person might interpret these rejections in a completely different way.

If you think that people don't like you then read this post.

This is why you think that people don't like you

Sarah had a real bad day because of the fight she had with her mom. Tom on the other hand was feeling unloved and he had some doubts that people don't like him.

When Tom passed by Sarah and said hi that day she was unfriendly so he left quickly and believed even more that people don't like him. Had he been able to read minds he would have discovered that the problem was with her bad mood and not with him.

If you think that people don't like you then there is a very big possibility that you are not living in the real world but instead you are living in a reality that was constructed as a result of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

Why you will find that more people don't like you

If you think that people don't like you then you will meet more and more people who don't like you everyday.

Do you know how a magnet attracts little particles?
That's exactly what will your mind do. See the following explanation:

  • You will remember all bad situations: If you think that people don't like you then you will keep an eye on any possible rejection

  • You will give incorrect meanings to events: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the main reason many people lack self confidence is giving incorrect interpretation to events that has other meanings.
  • You will reinforce your negative beliefs: As a result of these actions your negative beliefs will be reinforced and the cycle will be repeated

Break the cycle, fix your perception and learn how to see the real world instead of seeing a reflection of your own negative beliefs.

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