Why do people get depressed as they age

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people get depressed as they age

Why do some grown ups seem to always be depressed?
Why do some people keep getting more depressed as they age?
Does age has anything to do with depression?

First of all i am not talking about old people who got depressed all of a sudden because of an unexpected unpleasant event that happened in their lives but i am talking about older people who seem to get more pessimistic and depressed as they age.

In a previous article i explained how depression happens when you ignore your important goals in life or in other words when you ignore the goals that can help you fulfill your important unmet needs.

While depression has nothing to do with age still there are so many factors that together shape our emotions and one of them is time. Aging in itself doesn't cause depression but the passage of time can cause depression if it impacted a person in a certain way.

Let's see how this works.

Why do people get depressed as they age

Bill has always wanted to be a Musician when he was a teen but he was put down by everyone until he gave up on the dream. While Bill found a job as an accountant when he was 21 still a part of him wanted him to pursue the Musical career.

Bill wasn't really happy with his accounting Job but he also wasn't depressed. After sometime Bill totally forgot about his goal of becoming a musician and focused on his accounting career. As Bill got 30 he became depressed without understanding the reason and he stayed like that for years.

On his 40th Birthday the depression was at it's Peak and Bill wasn't really sure what was going on. What was really happening is that although Bill consciously gave up on his goal his subconscious mind didn't simply because the subconscious mind never ignores its needs.

Whenever Bill grew one more year his subconscious mind realized that he is getting further away from him dream of becoming a musician. In other words the unconscious loss of hope was growing each year inside Bill's mind.

It's not about aging it's about Time

In my previous article Does time really heal wounds i explained how our emotions are always a function of time. As we age our subconscious mind compares it's most important needs to our progress in life.

If the subconscious mind believed that we are on our way to achieve the goals that can help us fulfill those needs then depression won't happen. If on the other hand the subconscious mind found that we are getting further from our goals and that we don't have enough time to reach them then depression might strike.

This is why it's extremely important that you never ignore your goals , especially the important ones, so that you don't become depressed. I am not talking about the goals you set because of peer pressure or the goals others set for you but i am talking about the most important goals you have that come directly from your important unmet needs in life.

Bill wanted to be a Musician because he had a deep need to become one but because he didn't manage to do that he got depressed. Depression is no mystery but you are just not doing the rights things.

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