Why Status About Paul Walker's Death Annoyed Some People

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do we get annoyed by certain status updates

In my previous article Why do people get annoyed by game requests i explained how the expectations people develop on social networks affect their mood in a negative way when they find something that they don't want to see.

A person waiting for an important notification will get more annoyed by game requests than a one who isn't waiting for anything. While this theory is useful in some cases still it can't explain why so many people got annoyed of Paul walker's death status and even started joking about them.

How can someone get annoyed by a status that says "RIP someone"?
And don't all people know that death should be respected?
Why did some of them make fun of it then?

Why Status About Paul Walker's Death Annoyed Some People

In my article Understanding jealousy in men and women i said that jealousy doesn't happen unless there is a perceived competition.

In other words, a man would not feel jealous of another man unless the other man appears like a threat. This is why people who compete for the same things feel jealous of each other (corporate enviroment for example).

But the question is, what does all this has to do with hating the status about a man who died?

All human beings need some kind of attention from others in order to remain psychologically stable (even the non attention seeking guys). Now what happened is that some people woke up in the morning to find that all the attention is going to one man and this resulted in jealousy.

People who perceived the loss of attention as a threat felt jealous of Paul walker and as a result they got annoyed by the status mentioning his death.

The smarter jealous guys

Some people shared horrible pictures of Paul's death showing how his face looked like after the accident. You might think that all of those people who shared those pictures actually felt sad for the guy but in fact many of them were feeling jealous as well.

Do you know why some people stop to see the accidents in the streets? Its because seeing someone Else's misfortune makes them feel good about themselves.

Many of the people who shared such pictures were actually trying to make themselves feel good by reminding themselves of the fact that Paul walker got torn into pieces while they are still safe and sound.

Of course their intentions were hidden behind phrases such as "OMG Poor Guy" or "see what happened to the man" but their subconscious minds had different phrases such as "I am fine, he is dead" or "I am good, he got screwed".

Yes its some kind of striving for superiority.

How your actions reveal your emotions

I am sure you don't want people to read your emotions like an open book and that's why getting more understanding of your actions is essential if you care about being a master of communication skills.

Before you take actions based on emotions, such as feeling annoyed by the status in this case, you need to first understand what are the motives behind those actions. Once you understand the motives behind some of your actions you will discover that its much better for you not to do them.

Its OK to feel jealous of someone especially if he was as good as Paul Walker but its not advised to let the whole world know that you are feeling jealous!

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