How to steal food from hungry lions by being confident

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Men vs lions

No. It's not just a catchy title to bring you here but it's an actual demonstration of how self confidence can allow men to scare hungry lions away. In many of my previous articles i said that people can sense your level of self confidence even if they know nothing about psychology. And guess what, animals can sense that confident aura too. See the video before you continue further:

How to steal food from hungry lions by being confident

Strange right?
So what happened here?
Those are a bunch of hungry lions that could tear those men apart in no time. Those lions hunt animals that are faster and bigger than those men. So what is it all about?

It's about self confidence. After a lot of practicing those men learned how to summon a state of confidence that scares lions away. I have noticed something about street fights that take place between men. Sometimes one of the men manages to scare the other away by displaying confidence before the fight. In such a case a fight never happens because the man who was intimidated does his best to end things peacefully even if he was still trying to appear angry and capable of fighting.

This is the same exact thing. Those people sent certain confident signals that the lions saw. The lions realized that those men are too confident to the extent that they made sure they can kill them in no time.

There is a very interesting thing in here. Not all the lions got scared at first but only one lion got scared enough and ran. Few seconds after the the other lions got infected by fear and ran away as well. This shows you how you can easily influence groups of people by allowing them to infect each other with their emotions. If you were about to fight five men then scaring them all won't be needed. If you scared one or two that they decided to run there is a very big possibility that the other ones will run as well. (see also Psychology of fighting)

How to display confidence?

I know you still think something is missing.
How did those men display confidence? Well they didn't talk at all nor made any sounds so it must have been their body language. As i described in my article about the body language of self confidence there are certain gestures that you could make to show people that you are confident even if you were not.

In the middle of the video the narrator said that their hearts were pounding and that their bodies were tense. In other words they were too afraid! But because they sent the right signals they appeared as if they were too confident.

The moral of the story is that you can appear confident even if you are too afraid. As long as you display the right signals no one will ever guess your true feelings.

P.S: Don't try to scare away bears or lions. The world still needs you!

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