How to study well for a test

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is effective studying

So the exams are near and you didn't study anything yet?
Don't worry, this time i have some studying tips that will help you finish studying in shorter periods of times.

Effective studying is not about spending hours in front of the books but its all about doing the right things so that you finish as soon as possible and have enough time to revise.

During college days i used to study for much shorter periods of time than my colleagues and i used to get good grades. Effective studying is all about learning how to do in 5 hours what people in 10 hours.

How to study well for a test

  • 1) Skip what you don't understand: One of the big mistakes students do is that they study the lessons in order and as soon as they don't understand something they get stuck. In order to make your studying as effective as possible you just need to mark the things you didn't understand then later you can call someone to explain them to you in minutes. After understanding those points on phone they won't take any time to study them on your own
  • 2) Get rid of stress raisers: Studying might be a bit stressful so you want to make sure that you got rid of all external factors that might increase your stress levels. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair or in a room with poor lighting can actually stress you more and prevent you from studying well (see How to make your room stress free)
  • 3) Write down what you study: If you have enough time you should write down what you study. When you write down something it gets stored in a better way in your mind and as a result you can recall it whenever you want. Don't make the mistake of writing words or paragraphs but only write equations, problems or mathematics rules as those are the ones that usually get forgotten in tests. (see also Why you should write a plan)
  • 4)Use a time table to feel safe: When it comes to studying your psychological state plays a big role in the effectiveness of absorbing information. A time table will help you stay calm because it will make you believe that everything is under control. Create a time table and follow it so that you calm your mind and study better.
  • 5) Don't study outdoors: The best place to study at is the one that makes you comfortable the most. Wearing comfortable clothes, drinking or eating whenever you want and even going to the toilette whenever you want are all factors that can help you study better. In other words, its not a good idea to study outdoors
  • 6) Do the biggest effort in the first few days: As exams approach some students start to feel anxious and lose the ability to study well. In order to prevent this from happening you need to make sure that you studied most of the material you have before its too late. In other words if you have 100 papers to study in 3 days then try to finish 60 on the first day. This won't just prevent you from feeling anxious but it will also help you finish fast and revise
  • 7)Always revise: Studying once might not be enough to help you absorb the lessons perfectly. Its better to start studying earlier in order to have time to revise what you have already studied at least once (see repetition and the subconscious mind)

Bonus studying tip

Managing your psychological state is one of the most important things you should do while studying for its the one factor that affects your ability to study the most.

Any technique or trick you can find that can help you feel better, more calm or relaxed will certainly help you study better and get good grades. Good luck :)

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