Effective studying tips for exams ,techniques and methods (based on psychology)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Effective studying tips for exams,techniques and methods (based on psychology)

Why do some students spend a lot of time studying without being productive?
Is there a method to make studying for the exams more effective?
Are there certain techniques or methods that can reduce studying time?

In fact yes. There are many methods and techniques that can help you study more effectively for an exam or a test and i will tell you about them in this article.

How to study effectively for exams (Tips and techniques)

Below are few tips and techniques that are based on psychology and that can help you study more effectively for your exams whether you are a college student or a high school student.

  • Exam Studying tip#1, Eliminate distraction: The human mind has the ability to wander around whenever it finds a starting point. A single image, sound or memory can be a starting point for another day dream. If you want to study effectively then make sure you stay in a place where there are no distractions at all. Lock yourself up in your room without your phone, Ipod or anything else
  • Exam Studying Tip#2, Self deception!!: Are you afraid to test your self worth? In my article the psychology of self deception i explained how some students might distract themselves whenever they try to study for an exam just because they are afraid to test their self worth in that exam. Such a students feel more comfortable getting bad grades then blaming the fact that they didn't study rather than studying and testing their real worth. If you want to study for exams effectively then read this article to know how to prevent self deception
  • Exam Studying Tip#3:, Get rid of procrastination: Procrastination is the worst enemy of the student who wants to study well for an exam. One of the best effective methods for studying quickly is to get over procrastination. Studying Procrastination can be caused by lack of proper self regulation skills, fear of failure in the exam or perceived difficulty of the subject or the chapter you want to study. Read this guide to know how to get over procrastination so that you can study for your exams more effectively
  • Exam Studying Tip#4:, Begin with the easy part: Many students wonder whether it's better to begin with the hard part that takes a lot of time or the easy one that can be studied quickly. It's much better to begin studying with the easy part because your mood will improve on finding that you finished many things in a short period of time. Studying the hard part first on the other hand might reduce your motivation as you will find that a lot of time passed yet you didn't finish anything
  • Exam Studying Tip#5:,Keep an eye on time: One of the best studying tips you can follow is to keep an eye on time by putting a clock beside you. The only difference between Type A personalities and other people is that they are always conscious of time and that's why they finish their tasks quickly
  • Exam Studying Tip#6:, Take breaks: While you are studying do nothing other than studying. Don't check your mail, your phone or think about turning the TV on. You can take a short break every two hours provided that its time limited. Taking breaks is a great method that can help you study better for exams because whenever you will feel like procrastinating you will find that you can wait for the next break to do what you want

More methods to increase the effectiveness of studying for exams

Apart from the previous techniques there are other tips you should follow in order to increase the effectiveness of studying for your exams.

Make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable place, with adequate lighting and no noise. In one of my articles about stress i explained how such external factors can prevent you from concentrating while studying and thus reduce the effectiveness of your studying methods.

Another extremely important studying tip is to make sure that information is being stored in your long term memory and not your short term memory. By writing what you studied or by studying it over and over again you will make sure that the information was stored in your long term memory.

Of course this is not all. The links below will help you learn more methods and techniques that can help you study more effectively.

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