Living with emotional pain

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Living with emotional pain

You might be thinking that I am talking about the emotional pain that results form a problem that you are aware of like a recent breakup or a work related problem but actually the emotional pain I am talking about is a one that can ruin your life without even noticing that it exists.

The actions that we do in our lives doesn’t always bring pleasant outcomes and usually the subconscious mind finds itself facing tremendous pain that results from the consequences of these actions.

Unfortunately the subconscious mind doesn’t always manage to suppress all the bad memories and events that you have been through and so some of this pain remains. You might not notice that this pain is there unless you focus on it simply because you got used to its presence!!

Are you living with emotional pain?

If you suddenly entered a room that has a bad smell and stayed there for few minutes you won’t smell that bad smell anymore. The same happens when you use a perfume then few moments later you stop smelling it, this happens because our minds get used to repetitive patterns and then ignore them.

But what if the repetitive patterns were guilt, sadness or even helplessness? What if you got used to feeling bad to the extent that you don't notice that anything is wrong while you are actually feeling bad!!

If you were unable to break a bad habit for years yet you are acting as if you don’t care you might be living with a carried over guilt that you got used to!! If you had big dreams that you never managed to achieve you might be living with sadness, helplessness and mild depression even though you never think of them anymore!!.

You might be wondering how can someone live with bad emotions without affecting his ability to feel bad when facing new problems? Actually you will be living with the emotional pain that you are used to but whenever another problem occurs you will experience intense emotions that others don’t experience when they face similar problems.

Examine your emotions deeply

Meditation might help you understand your emotions but staying alone in bed thinking will do the job too. Try to analyze your emotions to find out whether you are really feeling fine or whether you just got used to the bad emotions.

You might discover that you are living with guilt that comes from constantly violating your values or you might find that you are living with depression that resulted from not living the life you want.

Whatever the emotion you find your task should be examining the reasons behind it and working on eliminating them. Why do you keep doing a certain habit for years then live with pain and guilt forever? Why would you give up your dreams and live depressed for the rest of your life?

Don’t you want to be happy? If your answer is yes then you must get rid of this emotional pain before you can see the light.

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