Sex addiction psychology, causes and treatment

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Sex addiction psychology, causes and treatment

Any behaviour that exceeds the norms and that turns into an addiction is considered a disorder even if it was concerning a normal activity such as sex.

Because of the sex hormones present in the bodies of human beings sex is considered a normal activity however when the desire for sex takes over the person's life in such a case that he thinks of nothing other than sex then this means that the person has developed a certain psychological disorder.

In this article i will tell you about sex addiction psychology, the causes of sex addiction and how can it be treated.

What causes sex addiction, the psychology of sex addiction

When trying to understand sex addiction from a psychological point of view you have to forget about hormones and focus on the psychological drives that could motivate a person to go after sex all the time.

Here are few examples that will show you how sex addiction can be the result of certain unmet psychological needs that has nothing to do with sex:

  • Sex addiction and asserting masculinity: Some men become addicted to sex because they doubt their masculinity. For them having sex reminds them of the fact that they are men and that's why they become addicted to it. You will also find a connection between people who like dirty jokes and the fact that they doubt their masculinity. What i mean by doubting their masculinity is hating certain traits about themselves that are not considered manly traits according to their own personal frame of reference
  • Sex addiction and the need for love: Some women who were neglected as children and who didn't find enough love in their childhood turn into sex addicts. Those women might not become aware of the fact that the main cause behind their sex addiction is feeling unloved. They just find themselves becoming sex addicts without understanding the reason behind it. (see I need to be loved)
  • Sex addiction and escapement: The desire to escape from life's problems can result in sex addiction. I have said before that many people turn to addiction in order to escape from life problems and sex addiction is no different (see What is real courage). Because sex makes the person feel good many people become sex addicts in order to escape from their bad moods
  • Sex addiction & self doubts: Sex addiction can also be caused by self doubts. In my previous article The psychology of players i explained how some people try to make as many people fall in love with them as they can because they have self doubts. Sex addiction is no different since having sex can be considered an indication that the person is valued. Some people become sex addicts and move from one affair to another just to prove to themselves that they are worthy of being loved

Sex addiction treatment

Of course i am not saying that the four previous causes are the only ones that cause sex addiction because there are many other ones ,however, the concept is always the same, the person tries to reach a certain goal through sex addiction other than the satisfaction that results from sex itself.

Based on the previous facts its clear that treating sex addition requires a deep understanding of the psychological goals the person is trying to fulfill through sex (see Unmet needs psychology).

Once the psychological goal behind sex addiction is understood treating it will require no more effort than helping the person realize that he is using sex to reach a certain purpose then helping him reach that purpose in a better way.

Sex is not a bad thing but sex addiction is. As long as the addiction is affecting your life in a bad way then certainly its considered a disorder that needs treatment (see also How psychological disorders develop.

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