The psychology of loss of hope

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How loss of hope happens

I have talked about loss of hope in many of my articles and i pointed out that it's usually the no1 reason behind depression but the thing i don't remember talking about is how does this loss of hope happens.

People usually begin their quests or life having high hopes but sometimes some things happen along the way and force them to lose hope all of a sudden. So in order to understand what loss of hope is you need to first understand what hope is.

Hope happens when a person develops certain expectations that are usually bound by a certain time limit. So if a fresh graduate is 21 years old and he dreamed of having a big income by the age of 25 then we could say that he became hopeful.

I am pretty sure you already guessed that if that guy reached 25 without achieving his income goals then certainly he will feel disappointed or even depressed but that's not how loss of hope usually happens in real life. See why do people get depressed as they age.

Loss of hope usually happens some time before the time limit runs out. For example in the previous case this person might start losing hope in reaching his goals when he becomes 24 years old. In such a case the fact that this person found that he still has a long way to go and a small amount of time available led to loss of hope.

It's the fact that we sometimes believe that we are not going to reach our goals that is usually responsible for loss of hope.

Unconscious loss of hope

The previous section was just an introduction to the real thing that usually happens in life which is the unconscious loss of hope.

The unconscious loss of hope is a state where a person suddenly finds himself not motivated to pursue his goals or excessively procrastinating without understanding what's really going on. In such a case the subconscious mind have already noticed some signs that show that the goals of that person seem impossible and as a result it lost hope.

Now when that subconscious loss of hope happens all of the symptoms described above show up even if the person isn't consciously aware of the fact that he has lost hope.

So our friend in the previous example could have started losing energy and motivation since the age of 23 without actually realizing that something along the way has resulted in an unconscious loss of hope.

Unconscious loss of hope is usually much more dangerous than conscious loss of hope since in many cases it can skip unnoticed while still ruining the life of the person suffering from it. See why logic can't motivate you.

Now you might think that the subconscious mind got it right when it saw things that way but that's not correct. Factors such as perception errors, impatience, lack of faith and false beliefs can result in unconscious loss of hope even though everything could still be possible.

How to deal with loss of hope

The first thing you need to do is to bring this unconscious loss of hope to the surface by admitting that there is something going on at the back of your mind. This process could be a bit painful but it's the most important step in getting over that problem.

Next you need to understand what caused that loss of hope, is it a false belief for example?
as soon as you find that factor it would be much easier to find a soloution.

Finally , if needed, you need to change your action plan and replace it with another plan that you truly trust and believe in. Once you have done those steps loss of hope should go away and you will find yourself motivated again to reach your goals.

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