Why are there some women who dont want children (Women who hate kids)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are women who don't want children selfish?

Most women love children and usually having children is one important goal that most women who get married have in mind, however, not all women think the same way as there are some women who don't want children and who hate the idea of having kids!

Are women who don't want children selfish?
Before i can answer such a question let me first make it great that i am not talking about women who don't want to have a baby because of a certain financial or health problem but i am talking about women who don't want to have children under all conditions.

While selfishness might be the reason someone won't want to have a baby whether he is man or a woman still there are other reasons that are not related to selfishness and that can prevent a woman from wanting to have children.

Why some women don't want children (Hate kids)

Here are some psychological reasons that explains why some women might not want children or hate having kids:

  • Attachment to the masculine role: No one can deny that people discriminate against women in all cultures by always assigning the important tasks to men and leaving the less important ones to women. As a result some women go through the masculine protest which is a term that describes how some women hate the fact that they are females and try to do things that males do. Now when such a women thinks about having a baby it reminds her of her feminine role which she doesn't like and that's why she prefers not to have children (See Why do some women act like men)
  • Birth order and having children: In my article how birth order affects the personality i explained how children can have different personalities as a result of their birth order. If a woman was an only child or if she was the youngest in the family then she might have got used to be the center of the attention and to take instead of giving. Some of these women but not all of them prefer not to have children in order retain their position as a center of attention. In short, those women don't want to be dethroned by a baby in their own families
  • Selfishness And having children: Another reason why some women might not want kids is being selfish. A Type A woman who is in the same time selfish will certainly not want to have a baby because of being afraid that this will impact her beauty, achievements in life or her life style.

Can women who don't want babies be convinced to have a child?

In individual psychology nothing is impossible provided that you understand the real reasons behind the behaviour you want to change.

If a certain woman doesn't want to have kids because of the way she was raised then certainly convincing her to have a child must be done in a different way than the way used to convince a woman who don't want to have a baby because she got used to be the center of attention.

Understanding the main reason a certain woman doesn't want to have a child is the most essential step you must do in order to convince her to change her mind.

After you know the reason read more about the psychology of that specific reason and you won't find a problem changing the mind of a woman who don't want to have a child.

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