Why do some people never get colds

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do some people never get colds

Why do some people never get sick?
Of course we all know that living a healthy life style, eating balanced food and giving a high priority to hygiene can reduce illness and the chance of getting a cold But why do some people never get colds even if they don't stick to these rules all the time?

And what's even more weird, why do you get colds even though you stick to these rules?
The answer is simple, around 75% of the colds we get are psychological!!

You get a cold when your psychological state is disturbed

Each moment different types of viruses and bacteria try to infect your body and bring you a cold but the main reason they fail to do it is that there is a gate keeper called the immune system that prevents them from succeeding.

People who exercise often have better immune systems and that's why they don't get colds as much as those who don't exercise but there is another factor that is much more powerful than exercising and that can affect your immune system dramatically which is your psychological state.

If you felt very stressed recently because of a problem that you can't solve or because of a high work load then there is a possibility that your immune system will weaken and you might get a cold.

The same goes with most unwanted emotions like sadness, guilt and depression. Of course not each time you will feel bad you will get a cold but when the bad feeling becomes so intense so that it affects the immune system the person gets a cold at the first possible chance.

People who never get a cold are either those who live a life style that keeps them in a good mental state most of the time or are either those who can manage their emotions very well even if they experience bad ones.

Do the following and you will never get a cold

Do you want to be one of those who never get colds?
Then do the following:

  • Learn how to manage your emotions: Unless you learn how to manage your emotions they will intensify, affect your immune system and bring you colds
  • Don't escape: That's one of the very common psychological causes for colds. Most people prefer to escape than to confront their problems and as a result a psychological disturbance happens that results in a cold. An example of escaping is preferring to sleep the whole day instead of trying to solve your problems
  • Change your life style: If you can't handle the stress in your life or in your job then you must change your life style to a more comfortable one so that you can avoid cold attacks
  • Finally do the common advice: Finally after taking care of the most important factor which is the psychological one don't forget to apply the other common advice. Exercise, eat balanced food, avoid cold weather, sleep well and take care of your hygiene

While its not possible to never get colds still doing the previous advice will let getting a cold become a rare event.

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