Why do women find Narcissists so Attractive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why Narcissists

Some people might find the title of this article so confusing. After all Narcissists are usually self absorbed, lack empathy and seem to only care about themselves.

So why do women find those people attractive?
Isn't the goal of every woman is to have a good relationship?
Why do they run for relationships that might be bad for them?

The answer lies in the way women's brains are wired. Women's brains were designed to look for certain traits such as confidence, independence and personal power. And because Narcissists advertise very similar traits in an exaggerated way they catch the attention of many women right away.

Narcissists ignore women

In my previous article why good women fall for bad men i explained how women usually fall for men who are not needy.

Because narcissists display a kind of arrogance that shows that they care about nobody women find them very attractive (because they don't seem needy).

In fact narcissists are very needy for if they didn't get the narcissistic supply, or the attention they get from people, they would get horrible feelings.

Women like arrogant and cocky men

This might seem like a strange title. After all no one likes cocky people, right?
No this is not right. When you want to understand the psychology of a person don't listen to his words but watch his actions.

Yes most women might say that they hate cocky and arrogant men but when it comes to practice women find themselves automatically attracted to those men (see why Women like Cocky men).

The fact that in many cases there is a thin line between over confidence and arrogance can confuse many women and let them fall for arrogant narcissists.

They wish to change them

In my article Can players really change i explained how women usually try to tame bad men in order to gain a self esteem boost.

When a woman finds a narcissist who is selfish and self absorbed she might feel compelled to take the challenge. In such a case the woman's goal is not to live with a bad man but to prove to herself that she can change that bad man to the better.

Narcissists usually have many fans

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i explained how people think that a person is more attractive when they find that others like him.

We humans look for others to create our opinion about things. When a person is popular we tend to assume that he is better than other people and as a result we find him more attractive.

Because the personality of narcissists usually appeals to women they tend to find them more attractive and as a result they get popular.

Narcissists seem like bad boys

In my article why women find bad boys attractive i explained how traits such as self confidence, boldness, assertiveness, insensitivity and arrogance can be very appealing to women.

Many of the traits narcissists have make them seem like bad boys and as a result many women find them attractive.
The conclusion is that the way a Narcissist behaves fools women into thinking that he is the perfect man for them.

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