Why some married people flirt

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Is it a sign of danger?

Why would a married person flirt?
Does flirting mean that a person doesn't like his partner anymore?
And is it a sign of danger for the relationship?

Married people flirt for different reasons that vary in their significance. The problem with human beings is that their desires can have a great control on their behaviour except for the ones who have strict self control.

For example provided that there was no ethical rules to hold them back most men would have became cheaters. The reason is simple, men get attracted to any good looking woman. If a man didn't have enough self discipline he might end up becoming a cheater. See why men cheat.

Also if a man didn't have enough reasons to not cheat he might become a cheater. Some women cheat as well but the reason i mentioned men first is that the fact that their eye sight decides whom they will get attracted to makes it more likely for them to cheat. See why many men are players.

Why some married people flirt

So apart from being cheaters are there other reasons that would motivate a married person to flirt?
Yes there are some reasons that have nothing to do with cheating. Here are some of them:

  • 1) To gain self confidence: Many people flirt because they want to get approval and not because they want to cheat on their partners. Those people usually flirt with others to get accepted and to feel worthy See why are some people players
  • 2) To make their partners jealous: Some people flirt because they want to make their partners jealous. Those people believe that by flirting with someone else they can get their partners to give them more attention. See also why is my ex trying to make me jealous.
  • 3) To hurt their partners: Some people flirt with others and make their partners know in order to hurt them or to seek revenge. In such a case the person uses flirting with others as a method to inflict harm on his partner
  • 4) Something is missing: This reason can be considered cheating. A person can speak to someone or flirt with them because there is something missing in the relationship he is in.
  • 5) Absence of ethics: The absence of ethics could let a person flirt with whomever they can flirt with. This person will usually do his best not to get caught. See also why cheating feels good
  • 6) Making sure they are still interesting: Some people flirt to make sure that they are still being interesting and attractive. This type of flirting has the goal of elevating the person's self confidence

What should you do if your partner is flirting with someone else

If your partner is flirting with someone else then you should consider it a warning sign. As you have just seen flirting with others doesn't always mean that the person stopped loving you but you should do your best to find out exactly why is that behaviour happening.

Once you know why your partner is doing so you will be able to find out the right action to take. If for example you found that your partner is trying to make you jealous then you need to tell them to grow up then find out what motivated them to do so.

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