Why you got Friendzoned

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The borderline

What's the difference between relationships and the Friend zone?
Why would a person put you in a friend zone?
And if someone thinks that you are really good why would that person consider you just a friend?

There is a fine line between liking someone then wanting to be with them and liking someone but never considering them more than just friends. In order to understand why you sometimes get Friendzoned you need to get some basic understanding of the way people chose their romantic partners.

People chose their romantic partners mostly unconsciously. This means that most people aren't really aware of the reasons that get them attracted to others.

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the subconscious mind of people is always searching for the ones who match its needs.

When the subconscious mind finds the things it's looking for in a person love happens. When the subconscious mind fails to find what its looking for one of two things happen. See why we fall in love in the wrong time.

  • 1) The person is totally ignored
  • 2) The person gets Friendzoned

Friend zoning happens when a person's subconscious mind doesn't find what it's looking for in a person yet believes that this person is good enough to be a friend.

So Why Friend zoning happens?

So what are the reasons that could let the subconscious mind believe that a person should be no more than a friend?

  • 1) You are not their Type: In my previous article Why do people have types i explained how the past experiences of a person can force them to only get attracted to certain types. This doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with you, it's just the past of the person you are after
  • 2) You don't match all the items in their love map: When a person's subconscious mind believes that a person doesn't match some of the most important items in a love map then this person might get friend zoned.
  • 3) No butterflies: Some people believe that they must get butterflies in their stomachs if they met the right person. Those people might friend zone the ones they don't feel anything around.
  • 4) They are confused: Some people keep others in their friend zones because they are not really sure what they want. Those people assume that by keeping the ones they are confused about as friends they can easily reach them whenever they want. See Why friendship with the opposite gender can get you emotionally involved
  • 5) They like someone else: If a person has someone in mind then this person is very likely to friend zone many of the ones who pursue them. See why you find it hard to recover from the first love

What you should do about it

The friend zone feels awkward. Not only you will suffer because of seeing the one you like often but you will also feel humiliated as a friend zone is considered one form of rejection.

This is why it's a very bad idea to remain in the friend zone. If a person doesn't want you then you should leave because you value yourself.

You might be wondering, what if you got friendzoned just becasue the person you were after is confused. Here is a fact, people don't get confused about the things they really want. They get confused about the things that they don't want that much.

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