Can plastic surgery make you happier?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Will plastic surgery make me happy?

In order to answer this question very accurately we need to consider the different psychological aspects to it, because one answer fits all doesn’t work.

Without understanding these different aspect you would not be able to understand what made Michael Jackson unhappy even after several nose surgeries as opposed to Cameron Diaz who has it done once and is satisfied (yes she has, surprise, and many others but the good thing was that no controversy was made around it).

This article will greatly help you to answer this question for yourself and remove the different misconceptions that you usually hear about when the topic is raised.

What psychology has to say about it

Whenever you have any sort of unmet need, you will feel down until you get up and plan on how you can achieve these needs and start taking actions. When you don’t take action your brain starts sending you signals in the form of sadness and depression in order to push you to take action.

As soon as you start planning and taking the first initial step towards your need, you will feel much better. The more you achieve your needs, the better you feel about yourself and the higher your self-esteem will be. So will taking action on making yourself more beautiful make you satisfied and more self-confident?
It depends.

You must look closer at your real unmet need. If your need was to be loved and you go through plastic surgery, then you will realize after a while that you haven’t met your needs. In this case you need to find real solutions such as being around more loving people or changing certain behaviors that may be bothering the people around you for example.

If your need however was to make something in your appearance look more beautiful because it is currently bothering you, then going through plastic surgery will certainly make you feel happier and raise your self confidence levels provided that your problem isn't imagined.

Getting back to Michael Jackson’s example, he was being pocked at all throughout his childhood for having a big nose. No matter how many times he went through surgery, his internal image of his nose was still big. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that When you go through plastic surgery your mind proves to you whatever you put your focus on. In such a case the only way to fix the problem is to fix your mental image instead of going for surgery. (see also Are you too founded on your appearance)

What should I be careful of?

There are several other things that you must put into consideration that may have a great effect on whether you will feel happier or not.

You must first check with what you hold as your values and beliefs. If you for example truly believe that this goes against your values, then you’ll end up with guilt, and won’t experience happiness.

You also need to think how this will affect you socially. Society is becoming more open about it today, but if you are worried about how you will be perceived you should think and plan well before you do anything since this thought alone can affect your happiness level.

In this case maybe you want to consider making a change that will is a bit more subtle and not very noticeable if it’s important for you.

What else can I do to become more attractive and happy?

When it comes to attractiveness there are two factors to consider, changeable factors and unchangeable factors. Unchangeable factors are things like, your eye color, your bone structure and what hair type you have.

Changeable factors on the other hand are things that you have control over, like your grooming, your cleanliness and your weight. Lucky you are perceived to be more attractive unconsciously more on your changeable factors than your unchangeable factors.

The more you take care of yourself, the more attractive you will appear, the more self confident you will feel about yourself. This as a result will lead to raising your happiness set point by time especially if you are consistent.

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