how can therapy help me

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can therapy help me

How can therapy help people?
How can a psychiatrist help someone get over depression or procrastination?

The one fact that most people don't know about therapy is that the psychiatrist himself is not the one who treats the patient but in fact he is the one who helps the patient treat himself.

Therapy can only help people who want to help themselves. A friend of mine told me that he loves smoking so much then told me "How can you make me quit it?"

I told him i can never make you quit smoking until you tell me that you want to quit, when you tell me that you want to quit smoking but you can't i can then help you quit. (see Why do people smoke)

In this article i will tell you how therapy can help you get over your problems.

How can therapy help people

The most important element of therapy is encouragement. Since the person getting the therapy is the one who will help himself the therapist's job becomes encouraging him to help himself.

For example one famous example of personality disorders that requires therapy is procrastination. In most cases the procrastinator is a person who is scared to take an action either because he fears to test his self worth or because he fears failure.

As a therapist i work on encouraging the person to take the necessary steps that he needs to reach his goals. I never do the tasks required to reach the goals for the person but i just encourage him to do them himself. (see The connection between courage and personality disorders)

Here is what a therapist does to help a person:

  • Help him see reality: Most personality disorders if not all stem from incorrect perception. The depressed person becomes depressed because he believes that there is no one way. Once you show him that there is a way out or once you show him reality he will start to feel better (see How to help someone with depression
  • Help him understand that his inner world doesn't match reality: Many criminals become criminals because deep inside them they want to feel superior to others. Once those people discover that the way they are using to become superior only satisfies their private logic they change completely
  • Kill hesitation: Indecision, procrastination, stuttering and even insomnia can all be unconscious self deception methods a person uses to provide an excuse for himself in order to stay in his comfort zone without feeling guilty. The role of a therapist is to help the person realize these facts so that he stops hesitation and starts taking actions (see The psychology of criminals)

Is therapy always effective

The effectiveness of therapy is dependent on two things, The degree with with the therapist can diagnose the person's problem correctly and the degree of cooperation of the patient.

If both cooperated together then the probability of success will be much higher. If the patient didn't do what the therapist told him to do or if the patient started resisting for any ego related reasons then there is a big possibility that the therapy wont be that effective.

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