How success can lead to failure

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can success lead to failure?

sounds like a very strange question. How can success lead to failure?
Before i answer this question lets first take a look together at few lines taken from the diary of a successful person:

"I don't know what's happening to me. I used to be very strong. I used to stand up each time i fall and life was never able to keep me down but nowadays i feel i am a different person. I panic whenever the slightest problem happens and i don't believe i can become that successful again if i started all over"

Justin was going through some emotions that most successful people go through. He was wondering how he feels powerless and weak even though he became successful and what was confusing him even more is that he felt more powerful before he succeeded.

In order to know what happened to Justin people lets know more details about his story.

How Success can lead to failure

Justin was a very ambitious person who had a strong will. He believed he can reach any goal and was so confident in his abilities. Justin worked hard, did his best and managed to make some of his dreams true.

The more Justin maintained his level of success the more he became attached to what he had. Each day Justin got more immersed in his new life while forgetting his old self which helped him reach the place he is in now.

Many successful people start getting attached to what they have while forgetting that they are the ones who created that success in the first place. When those people become attached to their success their Ego's become very dependent on their success and as a result they panic whenever anything threatens their success.

Because Justin's new identity was "The successful person" he became very vulnerable to life problems because they threatened to take his new identity away.

Had he maintained the identity of "The achiever" or "The ones who manages to reach his goals" he wouldn't have became that vulnerable. (see also How to become an achiever in life)

how to prevent success from leading you to failure

If you don't want success to alter your belief system and change who you are then you must make sure that you avoid the following mistakes:

  • 1) Never forget who you are: If you managed to become successful then you should never forget that you are the one who created that success in the first place and just as you did it once you can do it again (see also Protecting your beliefs about success)
  • 2) Don't change your identity: Don't change your identity to become dependent on your achievements. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that when you become dependent on your success to feel self confident you will lose your self confidence whenever your success gets threatened
  • 3) Don't let your Ego feed over your success: If you allowed your Ego to feed over your success then you will become extremely sensitive to any change that can threaten your success. (see also Extreeme sensitivity to criticism)

To summarize it all, success can lead to failure when people become so dependent on their success in such a way that they become weak.

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