How to put yourself in the right mental state

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Your confidence levels are not constant

Ever felt like you lost your confidence all of a sudden?
Were you feeling confident 15 minutes before a presentation then found yourself shaky and anxious during it?
Why can our confidence levels change quickly in a short period of time?

Before i can answer these questions i first need to tell you few things about the way self confidence works. Self confidence levels are not constant but they change as you go through the different life situations.

So many people feel worthless right after breakups because of assuming that if they were good enough they wouldn't have been dumped. But in this article i am not talking about major life events such as the loss of a job or a serious failure but am rather talking about the small events that steal your confidence without you notice.

Each event that happens to you on a certain day affects your self confidence levels whether it was big or small. Now when you understand how these events affect your confidence levels you will be able to control your mood changes in a better way.

How to put yourself in the right mental state

Now the point many people are not aware of is that your confidence levels during a certain situation is strongly connected to your feelings before that situation.

Let me make things more clear. Emotions change as a result of the release of certain hormones. If you won a football match testosterone will be released in your body and you will be feeling like a winner for sometime. Now if you were asked to deliver a presentation 30 minutes after that match then most probably you will be much more confident than if you delivered it on another day.

Even though the football match has nothing to do with the presentation the presence of those hormones in your body will make you feel confident. The opposite happens all the time as well, when something happens that lowers your confidence you won't feel that confident unless the released hormones disappear from your body.

How to keep your confidence when you need it the most

Here are few tips that will help you keep your confidence from betraying you:

  • 1) Do something that makes you feel confident before the important event: If you have a job interview or any important event then do any small task that can help you feel good about yourself. By doing so you will ensure that you will be confident during the interview (see also How to gain instant self confidence)
  • 2) Watch your self talk: No one can prevent negative events from happening to him but its not the negative event that ruins your confidence its the interpretation you give to it. In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how giving incorrect meanings to events through negative self talk can ruin your confidence. By learning how to interpret life events correctly negative events won't have a big impact on your confidence levels
  • 3) Use media to put yourself in the right state: Can't find anything to do that makes you feel confident? Then watch confident people! The mirror neurons in your brain will make you feel confident when you watch confident people. Pick the right kind of video that inspires you then watch is over and over. If you did this right you will feel more confident even if you did nothing good

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