What to do when you get bad grades

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I got bad grades!

I got an email from one of the readers who was feeling really bad because he got bad grades. First of all and before i tell you what to do if you have a similar problem i am assuming that you studied hard and did your best. If you didn't do what you should have done then you probably know what you should do the next time you have exams.

Now lets talk about grades and how they affect your life. When you get a bad grade more than one factor come together and affect your mood in a bad way. By understanding each of those factors on its own you will be able to reduce the effect bad grades have on your mood.

Bad grades and self esteem

So many students mistakenly associate bad grades with a low IQ. In other words some students assume that getting a bad grade means that they are not intelligent and this is a grave mistake.

Most educational systems don't measure intelligence as much as they measure how well you studied or prepared yourself. Albert Einstein was considered a dumb student by his teachers. Steve jobs, bill gates and many other successful people are actually college drop outs.

In short bad grades have nothing to do with your intelligence so don't make wrong conclusions that affect your self esteem.

Bad grades and depression

Sometimes what hurts the most about bad grades is that they are considered a sign that the road to the future you dreamed about was blocked. So many students think that if they got bad grades then they wont be able to pursue the career they loved but that's also not true.

I personally studied engineering then got interested in psychology. Today am making a living selling psychology books even though i studied engineering.

In other words you can follow your passion and succeed even if you don't have formal education. I am pretty sure you know at least few billionaires who are college drop outs.

Bad grades and wasting time

When someone fails (the most catastrophic thing that could happen) he usually feels really bad because of the time he will waste studying the same subjects again.

In such a case the best solution is to take serious steps that can help you with your career while you are still a student. Don't wait until you complete your studies because the time you wasted will make you feel really bad if you didn't do anything about it.

Study well

Even though i pointed out that grades are not as important as you thought they are you still need to study well simply because each new thing that you learn can help you achieve your future goals faster.

When i started 2knowmyself and had to write in English (my first language is Arabic) i wished i would have paid more attention in my English classes. When i started investing money in the stock market i wished i had paid more attention during accounting classes.

In other words those subjects that seem useless today might be the reason you succeed one day in the future so study well:)

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