5 Psychological Reasons people give negative reviews

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

They give negative reviews because they didn't like the product! right?

No, that's not correct.

Most people who use any product are too lazy to write a positive or a negative review. They just prefer to use the product or abandon it without wasting 1 minute of their time to write a review or rate a product. Studies have shown that most users click skip when asked to rate a product that they love and use often.

So when do people write reviews?
In order for someone to write a review he needs to get emotionally charged. This kind of arousal will provide him with the fuel needed to do the effort of writing a review or rating a product.

When i spoke about motivation earlier i said that your mind only makes you motivated when it has a strong reason to push you in a certain direction and the same goes for reviews.

People don't write reviews unless the product provokes them to a great extent. For example it makes a lot of sense that a person gives a 1 star review to a product that he wasted his money on then found it not good but why do some people give 1 star reviews to free products?

Why do so many people give negative reviews to products that they never used!
Those are the questions i am intending to answer in this article.

This is why some people write negative reviews

  • 1) Your success reminds them of their failure: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that most people don't like anybody to become more successful than them. Even though good people still get that feeling still they don't let it control them. Unstable ones on the other hand let that feeling take over them and they might give you negative reviews just to prevent you from succeeding. (see also Why success will make you enemies)
  • 2) Feeling worthless: People who are in your same industry and who aren't doing as well as you might feel worthless when they see you making it to the top and so they might give you negative reviews, and even believe in them, just to protect their self esteem
  • 3) Jealousy of your success: I have witnessed many cases where people who didn't try a product gave it a negative review just because they were too jealous of the person selling it. By the way a negative comment or harsh face to face criticism is also considered one type of negative reviews
  • 4) Because you are happy with it: Mean people feel bad when they see someone feeling happy or proud. This is why people who are proud with their products the most get the most negative reviews
  • 5) To feel important or in control: So many people who don't have enough self esteem try to control others in order to feel good about themselves. By controlling the result somewhere else they can feel in control of their lives even if that feeling lasts for few minutes

How to deal with haters?

The best way to do so is to not shine in front of a psychologically unstable person. Let me explain what does this mean. If you know for example that a certain person is a hater or that he is jealous of you then don't talk about your progress in front of him.

I know it might be impossible to avoid mean people all together but you can at least reduce the impact of their hatred by not appearing so successful.

If you can maintain a low profile until your start up becomes big enough to be unstoppable by haters then that would be great. The next time your product or service gets a negative review then know that there is a possibility that the problem is with the reviewer and not you.

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