Mobile app for positivity and motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Neutralizing the effect of negative statements

In my previous article how can i avoid negative people i explained how its impossible to eliminate negativity from your life unless you decide to isolate yourself on island.

I also said that the best way to fight negativity is to get exposed to an equivalent amount of positivity so that you can stay balanced. Lets suppose that two of your friends told you that your goals are impossible.

If you watched a good motivational video after talking to them then most probably the video will wipe of the effect of their negative words from your mind provided that it appeals to you. (see also How negative words affect your mind)

In other words in order to fight negativity you must make sure that you neutralize negative statements by getting exposed to positive ones.

The right way to fight negativity

Some people do that by repeating affirmations but the problem with affirmations is that they can backfire if your mind believed they are lies. The best way to neutralize negative statements is to get exposed to positive statements coming from people that you trust.

In my article subconscious mind programming i said that when an information comes from a trusted source it doesn't get filtered by the mind and its more likely to be accepted as a belief.

Now the good news i have for you is that we released a mobile app that can help you do so.

By using optimist net app you will be able to follow the people you trust and get exposed to the positive messages they share. Since that app allows only positive and motivational posts you will have a news feed that has nothing but uplifting content.

Mobile App for positivity and motivation

So how to use such an app to feel better?

Lets suppose you found yourself down or having negative thoughts. In such a case you only need to open the app and see the positive posts in the stream. Provided that you are following people that you trust the positive statements you will get exposed to will reduce the effect of your negative thoughts.

And what's even better is that if you got exposed to more positive messages than the negative messages you got exposed to then you will find yourself more motivated and eager to pursue your goals.

The battle for the formation of a belief is always won by the source that programs the mind the most. If most of the programming you get is negative then you will develop negative beliefs and if most of the programming you get is positive then you will have a healthy belief system.

Download the App for positivity and motivation today to save yourself from negative thoughts.

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