The Hidden Psychological forces behind the support Donald Trump is getting

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Important Disclaimer

I am not a politician nor i am following all the election news in the United states. I understand that some people love Donald Trump and support him for reasons that i might not be aware of or for reasons that has nothing to do with what i am about to talk about.

But as a person who has been reading about Psychology since 14 years i can definitely say that some of Trump's Supporters are motivated by some hidden dark psychological forces. In this article i will talk about those people.

A reflection of Narcissism and Egotism

Many people are Egoistical and Narcissistic. Narcissists usually believe that they are better than others, that others are inferior to them and that everyone must accept their greatness.

Donald Trump seems like a Typical Narcissist. So many Narcissists and Egoistic people find Trump appealing because he is a reflection of their own self.

It's known to everybody that humans have a hidden preference for people who resemble them. This is one of the reasons some people become racists. See why some people Discriminate against Blacks.

According to some surveys new generations are becoming more Narcissistic. I tend to believe in the results of those surveys because i can understand how the Twitter and Instagram age affected people.

In an age where a person feels worthy by getting others to follow him and worship him it's hard not to find so many Narcissists. See also Why Narcissists like Twitter and Instagram.

Those Narcissists and Egoistic people loved Trump because he is a live proof that people like them must be famous and popular. For them the victory of Trump represents an unconscious victory for their own personalities.

Racism and the desire for superiority

I have talked many times about the basic human desire of striving for superiority. According to Individual psychology , which was founded by Alfred Adler, all humans want to feel superior in a way or another.

The ones however who fail to feel superior in a useful way , by becoming successful for example, try to put others down in order to lift their own self worth. Racists are among that group of people.

A person might put someone down just because ,on the unconscious level, he feels worthless. When that person puts someone down he feels better about himself. In other words, if a person failed to feel worthy then he will look for a superior group to join then claim that everyone else is worthless.

Donald Trump have made many remarks that were considered Racist by many people. This gave many Racist people all the reasons to support him. I said earlier that a person would defend his opinions greatly , not because they are always right, but because his psychological stability depends on them. See Why do people stick to their incorrect opinions.

A Racist will try to find evidence to prove to himself that the people he looks down onto are really worse than him. For that Racist being Racist is the thing that makes him feel worthy and that's why he will defend it with all the power he gets even if he had to be irrational. See Why most people Twist the facts to support their beliefs & Why we have irrational beliefs.

That Racist will feel like voting to any person who supports his beliefs because those beliefs in turn support his psychological stability. The Racist himself might not be aware of all that because most of those mechanisms happen on the unconscious level that only people with deep knowlege about psychology can spot them.

In short, many racists vote for Donald trump because it makes them feel better.

But some Black people voted for Trump

One of the shallow arguments i am expecting to get after writing that article is that some Black people support Trump. I didn't say anywhere in the article that all racist people love Trump and that all-Anti racists hate him.

I am talking about a certain group of people who live among us and who have very predictable behaviour. Of course many of Trump's supporters aren't that way and that's why i began with the disclaimer.

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