Why you don't want to get motivated

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The internal conflict

This might seem like a strange title.
After all, we all want to get motivated to achieve our goals, right?

One of the facts few people know about human motives is that sometimes two conflicting desires can exist at the same time inside the brain. You might for example want to work hard to earn more money but another part inside you might want you to avoid stress and hard work.

When it comes to motivation things work the same way. A part of you might want you to get motivated to achieve your goals while another part might want you to never get motivated because it has a conflicting motive.

In my previous article Why your subconscious mind is refusing to obey you i explained how those conflicting motives can prevent you from ever getting motivated if they were strong enough.

In short the reason you might be lacking motivation right now is that a part of you doesn't want you to get motivated. See also Why some people hate positive quotes.

Why you don't want to get motivated

But why would a part of you hate motivation?
The short answer is : because motivation can result in a lot of pain.

Let's suppose that you had a goal that you gave up on 2 years ago. In such a case the process of admitting that you gave up would be very painful. After all admitting that you wasted 2 years of your life won't be an easy task.

In such a case your brain might prefer to never get you motivated in order to prevent you from ever passing through that painful stage. See also famous people who were about to give up at some point.

But the sure thing is that sometimes motivation can never happen before passing through a certain stage. This stage can be facing your fears, it can be admitting that you are responsible for your life or it can be realizing that you wasted some time for nothing.

And as much as such a phase can hurt it can still bring you a great relief when you take your life back and start fighting again. In a previous article with the title Are you afraid to get motivated i explained how fear of facing that phase can prevent you from ever getting motivated since a part inside you will always resist you.

Want to get motivated? Then resolve the conflict

In order to get really motivated you need to be brave enough to take responsibility for whatever happened and to also be ready to bear some temporary pain.

Once you decide to do so you will feel a lot better. Yes that pain might visit you every now and then but as you move forward with your new plans that pain will keep getting weaker.

Decide today that you will be brave and that you will take responsibility for whatever happened in the past few years. When you do so that part inside you causing this resistance will back off after realizing that you made your choice.

And only then it will stop preventing you from moving forward.
Take charge of your life again.
Fight back again.
and change your life to the better.

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