why do people change their minds all the time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people keep changing their opinion

Yesterday everyone favored that politician but today no one seems to like him. Few days later that person does a good thing and people change their opinion about him again.

People keep changing their opinions all the time because of the way their minds were built. Contrary to common beliefs people don't judge others based on what they see but they judge them based on their preexisting beliefs.

If someone believed that you are incompetent then you managed to make an achievement he will quickly assume that you were lucky.

This assumption is the missing part of the equation that helps that person stick to his beliefs. People hate to change their beliefs and they prefer to keep holding onto them and that's why they try to prove whatever they see wrong as long as it doesn't match their beliefs.

This is why people change their minds

The good news is that under the pressure of the new facts they keep encountering many people give up and change their beliefs.

When i decided to start an internet business many of my friends told me that it was a stupid idea. With each failure i encountered those people felt more confident about their beliefs.

Later on when that business made me rich many people changed their minds and even claimed that they always supported the idea! On the other hand, some other people still believed that luck was the factor that helped me succeed but when i announced making the first million from that same bushiness those people didn't just change their minds but some of them actually turned into copy cats who tried to create similar businesses. (see my book how i did it)

Most people judge others based on the way of thinking they learned when they were children. The majority of people will keep holding onto their beliefs until something extraordinary forces them to change their minds.

How to change someone's mind

Lets assume that someone judged you incorrectly or had a false belief about you, in such a case you don't have to talk to the person or try to convince him that you are good but you need to take actions that can prove him wrong.

The first action might not be that effective, the second might affect him a little but the third, fourth and fifth will certainly help you program his mind once again with new beliefs.

People get programmed by new beliefs through repetition. Your actions in such a case are the repetitions this person needs in order to learn new beliefs and change his old ones. (see also Changing false beliefs)

If your boss believes that you are no good then you need to take more than one successful action in order to help him change his mind about you.

The next time someone judges you in a bad way don't feel bad simply because any belief a person forms can be reversed provided that you program his mind the right way. (see also Judging others on appearance)

Changing your beliefs about yourself

Many people ask me how to build self confidence and if i were to summarize all the steps needed in one line it will be: change your false beliefs about yourself.

You can change your beliefs about yourself the same way you change the beliefs of others about you. If your subconscious mind believes that you are no good then keep doing actions that prove the opposite. With each success that you will make your false beliefs about your competence will change and you will end up feeling confident.

In summary, just as you can change people's minds using repetition you can do the same to yourself by assuming that your subconscious mind is an independent person who judges you.

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