5 reasons people get depressed at the age of 25

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Time And emotions

Do you think that time cannot affect your mood or emotions?
Then you need to think again. Human emotions are complex and they do change because of numerous factors. And As you might have already guessed one of those factors is Time.

Our mind regards certain numbers as checkpoints. For example our 20th birthday marks the end of our Teen-hood, our 30th birthday marks the end of our 20s and so on. Those check marks might have a strong emotional impact on us depending on how we look at them.

And because each person sees the world differently the emotional impact strongly depends on each person's beliefs and perception of time. Now the question is why so many people claim that they experience some kind of depression when they hit their 25th birthday?

5 reasons people get depressed at the age of 25

  • 1) Where am i now?: As soon as they hit 25 so many people believe that they are getting close to their thirties and as a result they start asking themselves questions such as what have i done in life so far or how good is my progress in my career compared to my friends. If the answers of those questions came below expectations then depression might happen
  • 2) What am i doing here?: Questions such as what is the purpose of my life or what do i really want out of life aren't usually a major concern during teen-hood but when a person hits 25 without knowing about his direction it might make him feel that its a bit late.
  • 3) Why i am still single?: In my previous article Why are some people afraid of growing up i explained that we don't fear aging as much as we fear growing up without achieving our important goals in life. So many singles get depressed at the age of 25 especially women who think that they should have been in a relationship by that age
  • 4) How is the rest of my life gonna be like?: So many people use the first 25 years of their lives as an indication of what is going to happen during the rest of their lives. Thus if a person didn't do enough in those years or if he felt he didn't take the right direction yet he might get depressed.
  • 5) I should have been somewhere else: So many people set goals and wish to achieve them by the 25th year in their lives. Now when those people reach their 25th year so many of them find that they didn't meet those objectives and as a result they might get depressed (see also I don't have any goals in life)

What should you do about this

If you are still below 25 then don't procrastinate and know that this important check point might hit you hard in the head if you aren't doing what you should do now.

If you are already 25 then know that it's never too late but also know that depression won't go away before your mind realizes that you are already on your way to solve the problems that lead to it. In other words you need to start moving and stop procrastinating.

You also need to change your beliefs about age because so many young people mistakenly think that being 25 means that they got old. You are still very young. you just need to move!

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