Emotional awareness definition

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Emotions you aren’t aware of

When people feel bad they talk to friends, try changing their mood or try to do something that makes them feel good. When someone feels depressed he takes medication, tells him family or sees a therapist.

These were the normal responses to some of the emotions that we come across during our lives but do you know that sometimes a person gets used to a certain bad emotion to the extent that he lives with it without even realizing that is it there!!

We usually think that everything is fine when our emotional state returns back to a certain set point but what if that set point itself was full of fears, doubts, guilt and bad feelings!!

Emotional awareness definition

Developing emotional awareness means becoming 100% aware of your emotions in such a way that you always know why you are feeling bad or experiencing any other emotion even if you can’t do something about it.

emotional awareness is the first step needed towards getting rid of any bad mood that visits you. After all, you need to be aware of the presence of an emotion in order to be able to get rid of it.

For example you might be feeling happy while being with your friends then suddenly and out of no where your mood swings. This didn't happen out of nothing as it seemed but you just didn't notice the trigger that resulted in the mood swing because you didn't develop proper emotional awareness(see The causes of mood swings).

People who always violate their own values, by doing a bad habit over and over for example, usually live with a level of guilt that they got used to. Others live with fears throughout their lives without realizing that their set point is a sate of fear and anxiety!! (see Always feeling guilty and How to stop living with fear).

Some people live with certain levels of stress to the extent that they start to believe that this is how life should be and that its so normal to experience the levels of stress they are experiencing. Again that's another problem that results from lack of emotional awareness.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how being unaware of your emotions can be one of the main causes of depression, the prolonged sadness, anxiety, fears, guilt leads to prolonged stress which in turn leads to depression.

How to become aware of your emotions

The process of becoming aware of your emotions is easy but needs a lot of training. First you need to keep an eye on your emotions along with your thoughts and self talk. After all it’s your self talk that results in any emotional change you experience whether its good or bad.

The more you keep monitoring your emotions and thoughts the more you will become aware of them and the more you will understand your own mood swings that seemed to have no reason earlier.

Without this kind of awareness you will live your life feeling bad without knowing why or even worse feeling bad and thinking that this is your normal set point!!

Lots of people use quick fixes to regulate their mood but they only get short term results and the reason they use quick fixes instead of tackling the real problems is that they are not even aware of the reasons that changed their emotions.

Know yourself, understand your emotions and you will become happier even if you have lots of problems.

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