Why some people don't like anything

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Hatred for no reason

Do you have a friend who hates everything?
Do you know someone who hardly likes anything?
Why do some people always give negative opinions of things?

I once saw a reviewer on amazon who gave a book 3 stars without reading it (she said she didn't) because the book has only positive reviews. This person didn't like the fact that the book has only positive reviews so she decided to be the first one to give a negative response without reading it!

So why would someone hate everything?
In order to understand that you need to know that hatred in itself isn't an objective but it's rather a means that a person uses in order to reach his objective.

Once you see things from this angle you will be able to explain the negative attitudes of so many people in the light of their unconscious goals.

The unconscious goals , in simple words, are goals that every person tries to reach without consciously realizing that he is doing so. Under the effect of those unconscious goals many people start disliking many things in order to reach some of those goals.

Why some people don't like anything

The first unconscious goal all people try to reach is striving for superiority. All people have the unconscious desire to feel superior in a way or another. I said earlier that if a person didn't manage to reach that goal in a proper way then he will use different strategies to still feel superior.

Disliking everything is one of the useless ways people use to feel superior to others. By hating everything others do a person can feel better about himself (as he feels superior to them).

General pessimism can also be the reason why some people dislike many things. A person who has already lost hope in achieving his goals might devalue everything that might help him. Those people have lost hope and aren't brave enough to revive it so they chose to be negative and to hate everything.

Some people hate everything to project the hatred they carry. Those people might have much hate for others and for life in general and so release some of it in order to vent.

Some people hate everything in order to put others down. Those people think that by putting down things that belong to certain people they would be putting those people down.

In other words there are various and unrelated reasons that could make a person hate everything but in most cases
that person who hates everything is psychologically unstable and dangerous for others. The force of hatred can take a different form and this person might become really dangerous if he had the chance.

I don't want you to make it

If a person was very jealous of the success of others and insecure about his ability to succeed then he might hate all the projects that others start. If a friend of that person showed him a new project he is working on then that hater might put the project down just because he has the unconscious goal of preventing anyone from succeeding.

See how dangerous can that negative person be?
In addition to that the perception of a person is greatly affected by his beliefs. If a person believes that some people don't deserve to succeed then he will dislike everything they do.

In a previous article Why a hater might find you ugly i explained how the perception of person can let him see things through a special angle.

If a person had any unconscious goal that involved seeing you unhappy or making you fail then he will automatically hate what you are doing without realizing what's happening inside his mind.

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