Are you living a lie

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Are you lying to yourself?

He was young, ambitious and full of hope. He had big plans for his future and his dreams were getting bigger. As soon as he started perusing them he discovered that things weren't as easy as he expected.

Because his self esteem was at risk because of not being able to reach his goals he had to find another way out. He started hearing about new concepts such "No one can get everything he is after", "happiness is in the little things", "money is the root of all evil" and "happiness is in the journey not the destination"

These new principles and many others seemed like a perfect soloution for his problems. He wanted to be rich and couldn't do it but after believing that money is the root of all evil he lived the illusion of being in control.

He wanted to make big achievements in life and he couldn't but after believing that happiness is in the little things he felt like he gave up on the big things as a result of his choice.

He couldn't reach his goals in life and he felt sad but after believing that happiness is in the journey itself he felt no longer in need to reach his destination.

Living the lie

Most people are living unhappy lives just because they gave up on the things that mattered the most to them. After trying once or twice or even not trying at all those people decided to give up on life in their own subtle way.

Instead of admitting the truth they just sought some new beliefs that can help them cope with their new undesired reality. Had these methods were effective those people would have been living great lives but the truth is that self deception never works.

Those people always feel unsatisfied with their lives without understanding the reason behind these feelings. They feel depressed for no reason, experience unexplained mood swings and wake up feeling bad without knowing why. (see also Why am i feeling bad)

All of these bad moods and unwanted emotions are nothing more than the result of the lie they created and believed.

How to live a great life

Life is not easy and things aren't always going to be good. Life can get so tough and you might find yourself severely disappointed but as long as you are fighting for the things that matter to you the most then you have hope.

deciding to hide or give up by creating a lie then believing it will only give you a temporary relief but within weeks if not days your lies will backfire and you will start to experience dissatisfaction with your life.

Do you know what's the real road to happiness?
It's fighting for what you believe in the most.

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