How to erase someone from your memory

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to erase someone from your memory

So you just broke up
you were dumped
or you gave up upon someone that you liked or even loved

First of all and before i tell you what you should do you need to make sure that there is no to way to restore that relationship back. I am against giving up just because you can't keep trying but i am completely with the rational decision of giving up on someone after you realize that there is no hope in being together.

So can you erase someone from your memory?
Sounds like a too good to be true statement right?
in fact, you can't just erase someone from your memory but you can even turn the bad memories into good ones that make you feel good whenever you remember him! (see How to get rid of bad memories)

I know you are wondering how can that be, just read this article to know how to do it.

How to get over someone in 3 days

I have helped millions of people to recover from breakups in no time (2knowmyself gets more than a million/hit per month). I am not saying so to show off but i am rather saying it to give you hope that i can help you. The following are fool proof advice that will help you get anyone out of your mind:

  • 1) Love was blind: After all, you know that this person wasn't the best in the world, in fact deep inside you knew that he was not even among the best but you was with him because he was the best one you managed to attract. I am sure you liked another person much more than this one you were with but you didn't manage to be with him because you believed that you can't do it. In most cases people settle for less than what they really wanted then claim that they loved the person just to make themselves feel good (see Self deception). In a previous article i told the story of the fox that kept jumping in order to eat the cherries but when it failed to reach them it convinced itself that it didn't want the cherries badly after all. The same goes for you! you went for the worse option because you believed that you won't get the better one. In short you were blind! .
  • 2) Be with someone better: No i am not asking you to go for a rebound relationship because that's completely wrong but i am asking you to raise your standards and to do your best until you manage to attract someone who is much better than the one you were with. Right after people get into new relationships they keep comparing the new relationship partners with the old ones. If the new one you managed to attract was way better than the old one then the latter will be erased from your memories for good. People send me mails telling me that the old relationship partner is still winning the comparisons they do and i usually reply saying that they should have raised their standards and went for a better person instead of a rebound relationship
  • 3) Make that person realize that he was stupid: I am against revenge after breakups but there is nothing bad about making the person who dumped you realize that he was stupid. Become more successful in your life, become more popular, take care of your health, improve your body shape and do whatever to make yourself more attractive. Note that you aren't doing this to get the person who dumped you back but you are doing it to let him realize that he was stupid
  • 4) Keep that person updated with your good news: After you do step number 3 you will have a lot of good news to deliver. Don't deliver the good news directly because this might mistakenly make that person believe that you do care, instead, send indirect messages through common friends. Use those friends without letting them know that you are using them, in short don't ask them to deliver such messages but instead let them carry the messages without letting them realize that they are doing so
  • 5) Listen to pushing me away many times per day: In my book How to get over anyone in few days i explained how can media program the mind and change the beliefs of people. The song pushing me away by linkin park won't only help you recover from the breakup quickly but it will help you realize that you wasted your time for someone who doesn't really deserve you. This feeling on its own is enough to help you recover and forget about that person fast (see also Songs that can help you forget about someone)

This is how to erase a person from your memory

Erasing a person from your memory is not about deleting him from your mind but its all about laughing out loud when you remember that you were about to be with someone who is not that Good!

Do Better!
Get What you really deserve
and stop going after mediocre options
Only then you will manage to get mediocre options out of your mind

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