Why do people put me down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people put me down

Why do people put me down?
why do some people always discourage me?
Why do some people always try to demotivate me?

In my previous article why do people criticize others and put them down i said that people could put you down when they feel jealous, insecure, left out or even inferior.

Of course if any of the previous reasons was the one that motivated people to put you down then certainly its not your fault but do you know that sometimes you become the magnet that attracts the criticism of others?

In this article i will tell you how sometimes your attitude can be the main reason that motivates people to put you down.

This is why people put you down

The mind of each person contains a large database of everything that he knows in this world. This database contains words that can either push you up or that can put you down.

If you manged to let a person access the positive part of his database then he will certainly think positively and push you up while if you forced someone into the negative territory of his mind then certainly he will think negatively and put you down.

Here are some examples that will help you understand why your attitude can sometimes be the main reason that forces people to put you down:

  • 1) Do you complain often?: As soon as you start complaining about something most people will access the part of their brains that contain criticism and negative thoughts and as a result they might put you down
  • 2) Are you pessimistic? Try to talk about the future in a negative way and see the response you will get from your friends. Most probably you will find that they are putting you down, not because they are bad people but because you initially triggered their negative self talk by being pessimistic (see Dealing with pessimism)
  • 3) Are you shaky? Try to talk about something with tremendous confidence and you will find that most people will believe you. Now become shaky while talking about the same topic and you will find that some people are putting you down. If you were confident enough then you will force people to either push you up or to stay silent while if you appeared hesitant then you will motivate many of them to put you down

So after all people could be putting you down because of your own attitude which motivated them to think in a negative way.

How to prevent people from putting you down

If you want to prevent people from putting you down then you must be very optimistic, you must have a solid faith in the things you are talking about and you must be really confident.

Even bad people who usually put others down out of jealousy or envy won't be able to put a person who sounds really confident down. Yes They might become resentful or they might feel bad but most of them won't dare to get the negative words that can put you down out of their mouths.

I am sure you heard the "Didn't i tell you" phrase before
Do you know when people use that phrase? its when their desire to put you down meets the fact that you are complaining or thinking negatively.

Be positive around people and you will remove one of the important elements they need to put you down.

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