Why love can be a decision

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Subconscious mind programming explained

Subconscious mind programming is the act of installing a belief in your subconscious mind as a result of repeating it over and over. And no, i am not talking about affirmations where you repeat things that you usually don't believe in.

If for example you bought a new phone and loved it then kept talking about its advantages then you will love it even more. Each time you also look at the phone you will tend to get more attached to it, See emotional attachment to stuff.

This is exactly how subconscious mind programming works. Repeating a belief or getting exposed to something over and over provided that no strong inner resistance exists.

So what does this have to do with love?

Sometimes we see people and feel a little attraction towards them but this attraction might not be big enough to motivate us to take any serious moves.

But as we keep talking about those people, checking their pictures online or even stealing some quick gazes at them we tend to become more attached to them. In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that in many cases we do program ourselves to fall in love with people without noticing that we are actually doing it.

In such a case getting initially attracted to that person wasn't your choice but continuing on until those emotions turned into love was totally your choice, See how to not get attached.

In my article about the Mere exposure effect i explained how we can become more attracted to the people we see often. In fact seeing a person often is an act of subconscious mind programming.

This is why it's extremely important that you avoid the people you are slightly attracted to if you aren't serious about a relationship or if you believe it can't work, See why you always get attracted to married men.

When it comes to marriage

The same can happen while you are married. You can either chose to love your partner or you can go after your unconscious desires and become a cheater.

In my previous article Why we get attracted to people when we are not single i said that the subconscious mind can have ethically unacceptable desires. Again a person can either consciously control those desires or can either give in to them and cheat.

Loving your current partner or cheating on them can also be a choice. It all beings with allowing your subconscious mind to do what it wants. In short, it's all about making an initial choice. See also is your subconscious mind sabotaging your life.

And also recovery

So many people fail to recover from breakups because they keep on day dreaming and visualizing their old partners. In my article about getting over any person i explained how the more we think about our old partners the more getting over them becomes harder.

Yes recovery can be a choice as well. There is a great difference between pushing unwanted thoughts away and giving in to them or even spicing them up. Once you take a decision to forget a person your subconscious mind will help you but you first need to be serious about that decision.

In short: love , hate and everything in between can be a decision.

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