How can I reach inner peace?

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can I reach inner peace?

No matter how many people we live with or around, the most person we live with and can’t leave is ourselves.

The great thing about it however, is if we live in peace with ourselves, we live in peace with the outer world no matter what happens. You feel calm, at ease and happy. Certainly, a peaceful feeling to live with.

The fact that you are reading this article is enough good reason for you to start taking action. I will give you some simple guidelines to abide to everyday and practice.

You don’t need to get them all right starting at once, but the more you try, the more you will start doing them unconsciously, the more they’ll become part of you and the more you will live in peace with yourself.

Stay calm in negative situations

To show you why you should do so in a simple manner, the messages your brain gets from the outside world first reach an area in your brain called the limbic system, which is the area that is mainly responsible for emotions.

Two things can happen from here, either you react emotionally and the signals continue to reach your limbic system, or you don’t react emotionally and the signals continue its path towards your cortex, which is your rational brain.

When you react emotionally during negative situations not only do you put yourself in a weaker position, experience severe negative emotions that will last for a long time even after the situation ends, but you also block your thinking process from finding smart solutions to tackle it the way you wish.

This is why people don’t react rationally when they are emotional, and so you want be able to be in control of the situation when you get emotional. Stay calm and you will not only act smarter, but you will save yourself from emotional agony that you will have to deal with later.

Don’t leave an emotional issue unsolved

When you feel bad, you’ve got to ask yourself what’s wrong. Don’t live with sadness and just let it be. Negative emotions are signals sent from your brain to push you to do something about the things that are making you feel bad.

This is the reason they are there, and so you must first think and try to identify the problem, and then try to plan for a solution. Your negative emotions will ease as soon as you’ve got a plan and not when you solve them. Your brain needs to know there is hope and that you will take action. (see The ultimate soloution to all your problems)

Talk to yourself and analyze what you feel and why you feel it and what you can do about it. The more you do that, the wiser you will become when it comes to dealing with yourself. Think and plan as much as you can, and you will really stop a huge load of the negative flow that is bombarding you. (see How to turn negative emotions into a positive force)

Don't suppress or ignore your important needs

If you suppress or ignore your needs you won’t be happy.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that the main reason people get depressed is that they fail to find ways to satisfy their important unmet needs.

when you ignore your important needs you will find that life has no meaning and you will be at the risk of developing depression.

Respect your own values

nothing can disturb your inner peace more than doing something that goes against your values. When you violate your values guilt will attack you and prevent you from being in Harmony with yourself.

The more you abide to your values, the more respect you will have towards yourself, the stronger your self-esteem will be.

I understand this needs time and training, but as long as you are on the road, or on your way to discovering how you can start, you will feel very good about yourself.

Understand true acceptance

Most people define acceptance in a near to an inhuman way and expect themselves to follow it. As long as there is an 0.01% hope that you can change something, you won’t be able to accept it. (see How can i accept myself)

So the real definition of acceptance is accepting your current situation now because you have a plan to try to improve it. Now your brain can accept it.

If there is absolutely no hope, then for your own sake, let it go.
When I say let it go, I say it because I am positive you can let it go. You are in control of not thinking about it for your own good. Instead, think of how you can make the best of your situation.

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