How to connect with myself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to connect with myself

I get so many emails from people who suffer from many bad moods that they can't get over. When i start talking to those people i usually discover that their main problem lies with their lack of self understanding. Had they understood the reason they experienced these bad moods they would have been able to get over them easily.

The first thing to do in one’s journey of understanding one’s self is to connect with ourselves.Once you connect, you are able to make the changes you want, understand yourself better and be more in control of yourself and your life.

The following are not advice but rather the vital steps that will in reality connect you to yourself. They are easy to apply and will instantly give a nice taste of personal peace.

Your emotions are speaking to you, give them attention

Imagine yourself in some trouble in a foreign country and trying to call your mom/hubby/friend for help. Instead, they don’t give you the chance to tell them what’s going on because they’re insisting on telling you about some things they want to talk about.
Sounds completely frustrating doesn’t it?

Well, there is no room for judgment because you tend to do the exact same thing to yourself. Unless you have trained yourself to do otherwise, most people ignore their negative emotions, which are there to tell you something, hoping they’ll just go away. They may go for a walk, entertain themselves, or just simply live with them. (see also where do emotions come from)

But the fact is they’re not going to go away until you deal with them, because they were created to push you to take actions about the things that are bothering you.
So the next time you get a negative emotion, ask yourself what’s wrong?
Why am I feeling this way? There must be something that’s bothering me.
Continue to think, and list the possible outcomes. (see How to solve all life problems)

Introduce yourself to your new friend, your subconscious mind

Whether you have a wonderful best friend or not, this step is as vital as water is to the living. Life is full of many challenges, don’t be one of them to you.

Instead, imagine your subconscious mind as a kind accepting friend who wants to help you no matter how bad you personally see yourself to be or no matter how much you feel you don’t deserve it.

This friend wants to pad you on the back and make you feel like it’s OK. Second, which is the most important part in this bit, this friend is there to help think with you to identifying the things that are bothering you (as we’ve discussed above)and help you to think of solutions and plans to help you out. (see also How to fix your emotional problems)

You and your friend will be talking more frequently now, meaning you will be talking to yourself a lot. You can go for frequent walks, or use transportation/free time to do that (no, you don’t have to do it out loud – you can though if you’re alone and want to, it’s very therapeutic). see also How to get rid of bad emotions

Leave the negative with the negative and attract the positive from the positive

We are all surrounded by people who either move us forward or put us in agony. Negative people can make a huge contribution to our confusion and lack of self-understanding.

Continuing to be around negative people to prove to yourself you can beat them or to fix yourself is like walking through a road of fire instead of choosing a beautiful one with a lovely view to reach the same destination. (see also How to stop attracting negative people)

Free yourself from the negative people in your life as much as you can. If there are some negative people that you just can’t avoid for now, lessen the time you spend with them. Instead I greatly encourage you to spend time with more positive people and listen more often to ones that inspire you. (see How to attract positive energy in negative situations)

This sort of energy de-clutters many confusions and mental blocks that you many have created, will help you to think clearer and will help you find yourself and achieve your goals of peace. If some negative people provide you with things you need in your life, try as much as you can to make it a priority to find other more positive ones who can provide you with the same things. And you will find them, just search well enough.

Say goodbye to idle acceptance

Putting all the above into consideration, this should come naturally.
Accept what you can’t change, don’t accept what you can change.
Not accepting doesn’t mean hating it all day. Not at all, in fact this is completely unhealthy.

Not accepting means making a plan to improve.

Decide to become solution oriented from now on and make plans to the things you want to change in your life. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but continuous small actions eventually make you reach your dreams. So start taking action, because inside you something really wants to see you do so.

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