How to reach peace of mind

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What is peace of mind exactly?

Many people speak about inner peace and dream of it thinking it is something far out of reach. The real reason why many people don’t reach inner peace is because they haven’t defined it properly.

Is it really that hard to reach?
Should people really live their lives believing that and not getting to it just because of this belief?

Inner peace is not for the lucky or the fortunate, it is for the ones who understand what it is.

Meter bar of psychological stability

If you had Aladdin’s magic lamp and was allowed to ask for specific things so that you can finally achieve inner peace, you’ll notice your choices falling under two categories: achieving dreams and relieving worries.

Worries are the number one cause to people’s lack of achievement in any area of life, and of course not achieving the things you want in life causes sadness. You may argue that since this is the case, why not stop paying attention to emotions and be happy. Unfortunately, this is not very logical because emotions are actually there to take care of you; it is how we deal with them that make them good or bad.

All emotions are guides to make sure we move away from what is bad for us and move toward what is good. They are there to make sure you get up and finish your report instead of sleeping more hours. They are also there to make sure you become a productive person throughout your life instead of achieving nothing and just chill out.

The more you work toward both the more inner peace you achieve, and the more you ignore both the less inner peace.

Reducing your achievement in your worry meter

Simply put, worry is there to make sure we don’t mess up. The more effort you make to be prepared for whatever it is that is causing your brain to send you these worry signals, the less the brain will send it to you.

That’s the first half of the equation; pushing yourself to be well prepared. Now what about when you are prepared and still worried? Here comes the most important part of the equation which again has to do with your brain, the power of internal focus.

Let’s say you have to stand in a line, one that is very long but you have no choice but to wait for the huge queue to get the service that you need. You have two choices; you can either invest your time on focusing on hating the huge line that you are going to go through anyway, or you can stop wasting your time and energy on what is already happening and choose to do something that you enjoy in the line instead.

Once you have prepared yourself for whatever is worrying you, choose to focus on believing that you are going to do just great. Not only will that actually put your whole mental focus on making you achieve just that, but it will relieve you from focusing and dwelling on thoughts that are the root cause to this endless worry cycle that kills inner peace.

Many people achieve this second half of the equation and reach inner balance by their belief in the existence of God. This thought is able to make them believe that there is a higher power bigger than whatever is worrying them and will be there for them as they prepare. This makes them tackle the second half very easily. (see also What studies say about prayers)

Achieving on your dream meter

People that have learned to constantly achieve their dreams have learned one trick; start asking how to get there.

The reason most people don’t achieve their dreams is that they magnify the difficulty of getting there in their head. Your brain then starts to form a false belief that you can’t get what you need, and this only means more bitterness and sadness in life. The first thing you need to do to break this false belief is to continue asking how to achieve it.

Not once, not twice and not certainly not one hundred times.
If you have a dream and you don’t achieve it, your brain will continually send you feelings of sadness as signals to push you to get up and achieve it. (see The one soloution to all your life problems)

If you really want inner peace, let go of this hard built belief that you have about all the excuses that prove to you that you can’t achieve them, and start asking once more how you can actually get there.

So where does acceptance fit in all this then?
This is what acceptance actually means: after preparing for what you want, you accept what it is you are going through because you know you will keep adjusting it until you get there.

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