can generosity make you happier? (The psychology of giving)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

can generosity make you happier?

Are generous people happier than stingy ones?
Can generosity make you happier or even help you live longer?

The short answer is yes being generous is a habit that can have a great impact on your mood and your health in turn.

Its quite logical that people who believe in religions, like me, feel better after giving money to the poor. After all according to the belief system of those people such an action help them get closer to God.

But what about the psychological effects of giving that have nothing to do with religious beliefs?
Why do people feel better after helping the poor even if they didn't believe in any religion.

In this article i will you more about the psychology of giving and help you understand why do people feel better when they become generous.

Why you feel better when you give money to the poor

  • 1) Unfinished business & relief When it comes to unfinished business your subconscious mind might not be able to differentiate between people who share certain similarities. In other words, if your old mother, whom you never treated well, passed away you will get a relief if you helped any old woman who shares some similarities with her. Your subconscious mind in such a case will get a relief because it will be thinking that you are helping your mother and not someone who resembles her

  • 2) Beveling that you are important: When you give money to a poor person your subconscious mind will automatically start to believe that you are an important person. After all, there are many poor people out there who might be depending on you to survive! This belief, that people are depending on him, increases the self worth of the generous person and makes him think highly of himself
  • 3) Feeling in control: Helplessness is a very distressing state. The more helpless a person feels the less worthy he believes he is. Now when you give money to the poor you will feel that you are in control and that you are helping helpless people feel better. This kind of feeling will elevate your self worth and make you believe that you are in control of your life
  • 4) I Deserve to be rich: When you give money to the poor, even if you don't have a lot of it, you will start to think that you are better than the greedy rich people out there. In other words you will start to believe that you are a good person who deserves to Rich. When you get such a feeling you will start to become more ambitious when it comes to money since the belief that you deserve it will be pushing you forward
  • 5) Easing guilt: Even if you don't believe in any religion going against ethics and moral values will make you feel guilty. When you become generous your guilt about your bad deeds will ease and you will believe that you are not that bad after all

Why do some people find it very difficult to give

In my previous article why are some people stingy i explained how the insecurities people have can prevent them from being generous.

Whether you were deprived of money, emotional support or even love it wont matter because in all cases you will feel insecure about giving some of your resources to others.

Start today to give what you don't need to the poor on regular basis and you will see how your mood will improve.

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