5 ways to become omnipotent

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Can someone become that powerful?

Can someone become invulnerable to life problems?
Can someone become so powerful that he can't get hurt
Can someone really become omnipotent?

While you might not be able to become 100% invulnerable you can still become much more powerful by avoiding the mistakes most people make.

The reason why most people fail to become powerful enough is that they fail to understand the way their minds work, and even some of those who do have an idea still do some mistakes that they shouldn't be doing.

In this post i will tell you about 5 things that can make you much more powerful than you currently are.

5 ways to become omnipotent

  • 1) Stop being attached to what you have: The strongest man on earth is the one who has nothing to lose. Most people ,even the strongest ones, become attached to whatever they have until they forget that they are the ones who got it in the first place. A self made millionaire might feel extremely weak if he was threatened to lose his fortune. Had this man always kept in mind that he was the one who made this money in the first place he would have became attached to his strengths instead of being attached to his money. In brief, get attached to constants and not to variables. Depend on your popularity to feel good and you will feel worthless as soon as its threatened, not to mention how you will feel if you lost it
  • 2) Stop connecting your Ego to your achievements: "Everyone loves me" , "I am the first" or "I am rich". As people achieve more in life they connect their Ego's with their achievements until they become their achievements but when these achievements are lost those people feel worthless. "I was the popular guy now i am nothing" and "i was the rich guy now am poor" are examples of conclusions that could kill a man's confidence in no time. In the In the Solid Self confidence program i said that the best way to maintain your confidence is to connect your ego with your personality traits. "I am the most ambitious", "I am the most resilient" and "I am self made" are all correct beliefs that can help you become omnipotent even when life goes wrong
  • 3) Have a backup plan to satisfy your most important needs: We all have unmet needs and as much as these needs can motivate us to pursue our goals they can also make us very weak. The more needy you are the weaker you will become. I am not asking you to give up on your needs but at least you must find out more than one way to satisfy them. If you are in desperate need of love then learn how to find love in more than one way. Loving yourself, having good friends or a good relationship with your caregiver can prevent you from falling in love with a person just because you need love. I healed millions of people who suffered from bad breaks and in most cases i found that those people were weak because they had unmet needs that they found noway to satisfy other than being in the wrong relationship
  • 4)Learn to stand your ground during hard times: I have said earlier that your subconscious mind always evaluates you and as result of this evaluation you either feel confident or you lose your self worth. Hard times are opportunities that can help you show your subconscious mind how tough you are. I am not asking not to feel bad but at least go through that hard time bravely. Fight back even if it feels bitter and you will feel that you are much more powerful. You might not know your true powers unless you find yourself in the battle field.
  • 5) Endure: When most people are asked to be patient they just don't like the advice simply because they don't really get what patience is. Patience is a completely different thing than waiting. While most people wait for a white knight to save them omnipotent people know that they are the only ones who can save themselves but in the same time they know that it sometimes takes some time to get out of a big trouble. Patience is active endurance where you fight back with all the power you have got while enduring all attacks

Final words about omnipotence

Don't be afraid to face life and get hit, after so many hits you will become numb to pain and nothing will be able to hurt you anymore.

And if you are looking through the window waiting for the white knight who will save you then know that you are looking in the wrong place

you should be looking in the mirror instead.

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