10 motivational songs to keep you moving

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Read this first

I know you want to skip that paragraph but its extremely important that you read it first. As i said in my previous articles about music psychology a motivational song might motivate a person and not the other depending on their different beliefs.

The same song can even motivate you on a certain day but fail to motivate you on another day. The key to getting motivated by songs is listening to the ones that resonate with your current beliefs on a certain day. In other words, if the songs acknowledged your beliefs on a certain day then they will certainly help you get motivated.

Now i am not just going to give you a list of motivational songs but i will also tell you when those songs are most likely to motivate you so that you don't listen to the right song on the wrong day.

10 motivational songs to keep you moving

  • 1) Remember Me By Josh Groban: This song will only motivate you if you want to achieve greatness and if you believe you should leave a great mark behind. If you don't have those beliefs then the song might sound unrealistic to you
  • 2)No giving up: Cross fade: This song will motivate you to keep fighting but it will only work if you were the kind of person who don't give up easily. If in your past you fought to the end on many occasions then this song will remind you of your persistence and will keep you moving
  • 3) Red Warrior from last samurai movie (sound track): Red warrior will best work for you if you are already in the stage of recovery and if you were preparing yourself to charge again after you fell down. Its also very important that you see the movie or at least that part where the soundtrack was played in order for your mind to associate the music with the correct scenes
  • 4) Firework by Kate perry: If you have some confidence but were feeling down then Firework is one of the songs that can lift you up very quickly. This song will remind you how good you are and will help you stand up on your feet again
  • 5) You are going down by Sick Puppies: This song works best when you are already motivated. If you did so your levels of motivation will be multiplied. Listening to that song while you are already feeling bad or lacking motivation might actually bring you down
  • 6) Ready for War by 50 Cent: Ready for war has the same effect as "You are going down". You should only listen to that song when you are about to charge and when you are feeling confident in your abilities
  • 7) Hero By Skillet: What i love about this song is that it can work in most cases. The singer keeps saying that he needs a hero to save him only to realize at the end of the song that he is the hero he was looking for
  • 8) When You Believe - Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey : This song will work best for people who already have faith. This song will remind you how your faith can help you get out of the problems you are facing now
  • 9) Remember The Name-Fort Minor: This song will best work if you were already motivated. It will give you confidence, ignite your ambition and help you move forward
  • 10) Can't be touched by Roy Jones: Works best when you are already feeling confident. It will increase your confidence and motivation levels. Might have the opposite effect if you heard it while feeling down

The right song in the wrong time

In the Super powers course i said that listening to the right song on the wrong day can actually demotivate you and make you feel bad. In a previous article i said that listening to the same playlist everyday is a horrible idea because your mood and beliefs can change on daily basis.

If the songs you listened to were against your current beliefs then they might actually make you feel worse or in the best case they won't have any effect on you.

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