How traveling can help you find yourself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Do you feel lost?

How many times you felt that you lost connection with your self?
When was the last time you felt you truly understood what's going on in your mind?
Do you believe you need to find yourself?

In my article I feel i am not me anymore i explained how slow and gradual changes happen to our personalities as the time passes until we end up losing the connection with our old selves completely.

In this article will tell you how traveling can help you keep this connection alive so that you don't feel lost again.

How traveling can help you find yourself

When was the last time you jumped in a pool full of cold water? Remember what happened few minutes later? The water stopped being cold anymore. In fact the water's temperature didn't change but your body got used to this new temperature and so you stopped feeling cold. (see also The connection between fear and cold weather)

The same exactly happens with emotions. After few weeks of working in a stressful job you might get used to the stress and believe that you are living a normal life. Yes at some days you will believe the stress is too much to bear but its just because the stress exceeds the level you got used to on such days. (see How to make your room stress free)

Now imagine what happens after years of ignoring the different bad emotions that you experience. You will end becoming a person who feels guilty, sad, depressed, stressed and unhappy without realizing that there is a better life out there!

Now what traveling does is that it suddenly takes you out of all the routine you were used to and allows you to notice the difference. In other words traveling can be like a reality check that helps you realize how stressed, sad or unhappy you were.

People get the idea of vacations wrong

If your life was happy enough then you won't need to escape from it by dreaming about a vacation all the time. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that vacations are great and its always advised to take a break but when vacations become a way to escape from the unbearable life you are living then fixing your life is the action that must be taken.

A vacation should help you realize the things that you hate about your daily life. In other words, after you come back from any vacation you should have a written list about the things you dislike about your life so that you can change them.

Other reasons traveling can help you understand yourself

The other great use of vacations is that they allow you to spend free time with yourself. Most people under estimate the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind and how tangled can it become in the absence of proper communication.

When you spend time alone talking to yourself your subconscious mind gets more connected to your conscious mind and you gain more self understanding. And because most of the emotional problems people experience result from the lack of self understanding traveling can certainly help you ease your emotional problems and live a better life.

In addition to this when you get stuck in the daily routine you tend to lack vision and you forget about your long term goals. Focusing too much on the tasks you need to complete in a certain day can certainly prevent you from seeing the full picture. Now when you travel and stop doing all of these routine tasks you will start thinking about the future, your dreams and your life purpose.

This doesn't only lead to more self understanding but it can actually help you in planning for your future life.

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