Why do some people snoop on their relationship partners

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why do people seek more information?

Why do some people always snoop on their relationship partner?
Why would a guy ask his woman for Facebook or Email password?
Why do some people try to read each message that their partner gets from others?

Before i can answer these questions let me first tell you why do people seek more information in general. People try to know more about a topic when they develop some kind of insecurity.

Lets suppose that you believed that you will never get promoted because you don't know how to do your job well. In such a case you might find yourself eager to read about work related topics. (see also What job is right for you)

In my previous article Why are some people addicted to news i explained how the information people get can ease their worries, calm their insecurities and make them feel good about themselves.

Its the good psychological effect of the experience that forces people to find more about a certain topic or to collect more information.

Why do some people snoop on their relationship partners

Now why would someone collect information about his partner's behaviour?
What kind of satisfaction could this behaviour provide the person with?

There are lots of reasons someone would be motivated to do so but here are some of the most popular ones:

  • 1) I am superior: I said earlier in my article about superiority that all humans strive for superiority in a way or another. Some people feel superior when they believe that their relationship partner favors no one else over them. In such a case each time those people snoop on their partners and find nothing they get instant satisfaction
  • 2) Preventing the past from repeating itself: Dan was the older brother of two younger boys and he believed his family favored his younger brothers over him. When he grew old he forget about this incident but it remained in his subconscious mind and controlled his behaviour. His biggest fear was being replaced by someone else and because of that he started snooping on his wife everyday without knowing the reason. Each time he snooped and found nothing he felt great because of believing that he won't get replaced once again (see also How your birth order affects your relationships)
  • 3) Afraid of competition: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who have a low self esteem usually feel much more jealous than normal people. Jealousy feelings ignite when someone believes he is in competition with someone else. As a result of low self esteem and jealousy some people always snoop on their relationship partners
  • 4) Wrong perception of the world: When Nate was young his mother cheated on his father and as a result he developed a belief that no one is worthy of trust. When he grew old he found himself snooping on every woman he knew and even accusing them of being cheaters. When someone builds false beleifs about the world or about others then he is very likley to snoop to prove himself right (see also How your beliefs affect your perception)
  • 5) To Feel in control: In my previous article The psychology of control freaks i explained how some people try to control innocent victims when they believe they lost control over their own lives. Some people snoop on their partners just to feel in control and not because of any other reasons.

How to prevent people from snooping on me?

People who snoop will always want to avoid admitting that fears and insecurities are the forces that fuels their behavior. This is why you don't have to point out these facts directly to them but instead you should give them few clues and let them put everything together on their own.

All people ,without exceptions, believe in the things they discover on their own while they might have resisted the same facts if someone else brought them to their attention.

Let the person who snoops on you discover the deep psychological reasons that motivates him to snoop on his own by guiding him using the right clues.

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