How to be emotionless

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

When do you need to be emotionless?

When was the last time you were waiting for an exam result or an email from an interviewer?

were you worried, tensed, afraid and insecure?
How did you feel about yourself the last time you became so emotional while you were waiting for something?

Did you feel weak? Did your self confidence get affected?

During our lives we pass through many situations where being emotional would not result in changing anything except our respect towards ourselves. I said before in my article I am not being me anymore that the way you act throughout the different situations affects your beliefs about yourself until you might start to believe that you became a different person.

Now when you believe that you were weak in different situations you will end up with low self confidence after sometime. That's why its extremely important to learn how to become emotionless at least during these situations where emotions would be of no use but harming your well being.

How to be emotionless?

So how can it be done? If you tried advice such as "just get over it" or "don't think about it" your subconscious mind will find them ridiculous and won't stop sending you these emotions.

So how can these emotions be stopped? Here is what really works

  • 1) Don't anticipate the future: So the mail got delayed one hour. Most probably you now feel bad because you imagined more than one negative scenario in your head even though you had no proofs. In other words, the next time you find yourself about to visualize a negative scenario gently push these thoughts away and remind your subconscious mind that anticipating the future without a proof will lead to nothing
  • 2) Resist the compulsive checking temptations: When you check your inbox or email once every five minutes you keep putting your brain in the worrying mood. The right thing is not to check your inbox then wonder how can you get rid of the resulting bad emotions but instead you should stop this compulsive checking before it even leads to the unwanted emotions!
  • 3) Put yourself in a state of power: In my previous article How words can change your brain and life) i explained how visualization can be used to put yourself in different states. When you visualize yourself acting powerful you will program your mind to let you act in a powerful way.
  • 4) Use negative motivation: Visualize how it would be like if you got scared, tensed up and got worried. Is this how you want yourself to be? Is this the type of personality you always wanted to reach? When you use negative motivation you will find yourself eager to act the opposite and become strong

Push away the initial thought

Do you know where do emotions come from? It all begins when a tiny thought is pushed to your mind. This thought triggers another one then the second triggers the third until you end up with lots of different thoughts and scenarios. (see also Where do automatic negative thoughts come from)

These different thoughts are then analyzed by your mind so that it responds to them and as a result you start to experience the different emotions. Now it might be hard to stop these thoughts when they accumulate but stopping the first one can be really easy.

As soon as you find yourself about to start with a negative thought such as "The mail got delayed, could it be that my performance was bad" push it away and remind yourself that you don't have enough facts yet to assume what happened.

Each new day you are given the chance to take different decisions,each of these decisions add one more line to your life story, if you want to achieve greatness In life then make sure you write glorious lines that inspires whomever is gonna read your story. One of these decisions is to be strong no matter what you are facing in life.

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